Monday, January 16, 2012

Sem 7 - finished!

Hullo everyone! 

FYI, my 7th semester of study is officially finished today! *weeehuuuuu - happy mode *

I still got 1 final semester left. Hopefully, everything will turn out fine. *fingers-cross, Amen*

The medical paper I took just now -NO COMMENT. Ha Ha Ha. 

Never mind, past is past ma kann?? :)

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a great one and do take care of yourself!;)


  1. don't sweat the small things, yeah? haha :)

  2. yuhuuuu.....congrats dear!

    same goes with me, i'm going to turn into final it!ehhe.

  3. yeah. hopefully everything turns out well for both of us dear!:)