Thursday, January 12, 2012

scribble time!

Today is 12th of January 2012 - Happy Birthday to whoever is celebrating their birthday today. I hope you have a great and blessed day.. and of course, may whatever you wishes, hopefully, it may come true.

I'm still in the midst of exam season and Thank God, I've finished with 2 papers and 1 more to come this next Monday. * Best of luck - Winnie!*

I've wasted my time for today. While everybody was busy concentrating on their notes, I was happily watching a korean show, read a few lines of Pedretti on Oncology- which I considered as my lullaby because I was asleep then till 4 ++ pm, maybe? * sigh - I have no idea what is wrong with me*

Remember, I wanted to be in a music band. The vocal perhaps? Ha Ha. 

The side effects of watching too much cover on youtube, I ended up feeling and having the urge of playing a guitar. Somewhere in my amazing brain (Ha Ha), I've imagined myself singing while playing guitar and that was awesome! Awesome, kan? Kan bilang.Ha Ha.

Besides that, I also have this urge - kunun la, learning to play the piano. Then, I was feeling a bit regretful of not finishing my classes on organ. :( 

Okeh. Past is past. Sepa suruh x belajar betul2 dulu. neh.

I'm getting older ( sedar pun! haha), and I was like, sempat lagi ka to learn all these things.? hmm. Well, it's never too late la to learn anything but I'm not sure if this one is considered. So, I've come to realize that, someday, I would send my kids for music instrument class.
 *euww. kawin pn blm, sda mo pikir yg begini2*

What inspires me and actually a little bit envious is when seeing my friend learn guitar on her own. I want too! So, a short meeting with her, I asked her to teach me a bit. Yay! I thought it was easier but it wasn't. I ended up having my finger sakit2 ni. *heish*

I hope I can continue them when I'm home for short holiday later. 

Moral support please? hoho.

maybe having this pink guitar would inspire me to learn and play one? hoho. you are welcome to buy me one,! 


  1. apa kata...... klu ko p blajar men gitar? hehe :)

  2. hihi. sy mmg mooooooo sgt2. not too late ba kn?huhu