Monday, May 21, 2012


I have a lot of stories to tell. Starting from my psychiatry clinical viva exam, college's annual dinner and some inside story . duh! where to start.?

Just a quick one then ..

Psychiatry clinical viva exam - my patient on that time suddenly stand up and walk away in the middle of the interview session. huh! Tears were in my eyes already that I thought  will fail this exam. But, thank God, the second patient can cooperate till the end of the session. phew!

College's annual dinner - the theme is blue colour! ocean of happiness. Thanks to my personal 'tukang gaya' for helping me choosing the best attire and to get ready for the night (credits to room mates!) The dinner was great! The food, the place.! Great job committee member! * further information about this dinner, please drop by my FB wall to see the pictures*

Inside story -

One of my church's friend shared this homily about Erti Hidup di Dalam Kasih yang Sebenar. Wonderful! Strikes me right in the heart and mind about the issue 'jodoh'. People always says that 'Jodoh di tangan Tuhan' . Please read this line again and think whether it is appropriate for all situations or not. I was once believe that everything (jodoh) is in God's hand - before reading this. After reading the homily and  hearing some explanations from a friend, I come to realize, it's not in God's hand. It's in our own hand.Actually.

I don't mean to say that God is not involved at all. He still is , by guiding and showing us how, who and where. Ask and you shall be given the answer.

Yes, I haven't been in a relationship for years and I'm used to it. People came and walk out of my life in which some I felt the impact given and some, I removed them. I know, it sounds somehow harsh but I can't help it. I've tried to be super nice, being empathy and all that but still being harsh is the method that I chose.

Honestly saying, I don't even  know where my heart stands - either still mourning, hesitant to move on, still attached,  traumatised or picky.

My deepest apology to those, whom I removed and soon to be removed. I have my reasons to do so.


  1. I think lots of people misunderstood the saying "Jodoh di tangan Tuhan". I've always personally believe that while God has great plans for us, we should play our part by making efforts for things that we want or things that we already have right now.

    Just like when we have problems in a relationship, do we just sit down doing nothing and expect it will turn out OK on its own? Mesti la tidak kan? :)

    There's nothing wrong in making efforts for our relationship or love life and other things. God will bring him/her closer to us and let us know in His own way and timing. That is, if it is our calling to lead a married life :).

    P/S: Don't worry darling macek, I'll always pray for our Sumdandak's happiness. I love you girls :)

  2. thanx dear! praying the same thing for u too. !love u.:)