Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's May already! and just like I've mentioned in my previous entry, there's still got little time before I finish my study and graduated ! * Amen*

Well, in that case, my work loads - phewww!.

Psychiatry viva exam - thesis findings presentation - case study manuscript submission - final exams - thesis viva - thesis submission


that is just the academic part. I have another few stuffs and commitment to be worried about ..

my things/property here - books, clothes etc.  How to ship them back to Sabah? I wish you could swim your own way back to Sabah. Punya bagus begitu kan.

gawai kaamatan event later in our church. worried about how it was going to be. 

finding jobs! huhu. I so wanna find job back in Sabah and I am extremely hoping that I could find at least one there. Been away from home for too long and now I just wish to be much closer to my loved ones.

Despite all the busy-ness I had and will have, May is still a great month.

It's a month for aramai-ti! Kiihoooi! - kaamatan, weddings and etc. too bad. won't be around for all these events.

Mother's day, Teacher's day and Mummy's birthday - I love you mummy! :)

Dinners , dinners and dinners - got a lot dinner event to attend to. maklum la kalau final year ni, semua dinner pun mau attend. kunun. But then, I haven't shop for the right attire. duh!

Ex-boyfie punya birthday - haha! just kidding.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful May ! ( same goes to me also, hehe)

Take care and God bless! XOXO.

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