Monday, April 30, 2012

Good bye April, Hello May

Good bye April, Hello May!

Few hours from now, May is coming.

Time flies damns fast, aite? May is around the corner, meaning to say, got 2 more months to go before I finished my study! * Amen*

For sure, I'm gonna miss the student's life but as for now, I am looking forward to my graduation day. :)

I'm still in the midst of clinical placement and thesis making. Ho Ho. Pray that I'll be able to finish all this within the time expected. *Amen*

Anyway, Happy Holiday everyone ( Labour's Day tomorrow!). Have a great one! God bless u, XOXO.

Ya, please be good to me. :)


  1. yes,say goodbye to April and greeting the may as well!

    i love May,may brought meaningful feelings to me..

    anyway,have a nice day there dear=)

  2. Glad that May brought a special feeling for u. I hope May this year would bring me special feeling too. Looking forward then. Yup3. Anyway, have a nice day too. take care ya! :)

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