Saturday, April 21, 2012

They are just kids!


It's been, mmmhm. Almost a month, not being able to share my inside story. My deep apology. I am extremely busy with my clinical posting - Paediatrics. 

Thank God, I managed to complete my Peads clinical posting . Thank you everyone, for your undying support and guidance. I couldn't have done it without you guys.

*Tutup buka mata, I've completed two areas of posting. Still left only one! Time flies fast, do they? Pheww.

1 month being in Peads setting ( to be exact, 15 days only. haha!) , taught me a lot . One thing that I'm really grateful is, I'm glad that I was born normal, I mean healthy in all aspects and grow up without any delay in my developmental milestones.

I'm not, seriously I am not looking down or having any negative views on these special children. 

It makes me think on how difficult it must be being the parents, with all the sacrifices done and stuffs.

Thank you mummy, thank you didie.! Still, it would be hard for both of you to raise me up kan? :)

Secondly, being patient. This is the  most essential part in dealing with them. Well, memang sudah nama dia budak-budak, macam-macam la gaya kan. Sabar ja lah! Hehe.

Thirdly, being creative. You need to be creative! Must be creative! On how you want to conduct the activity sessions so that they will not get bored easily.

Okay then, good night. :)


  1. Parents with special children must have a lot of extra work etc to be done.. Tp maybe I guess kita yg normal ni lagi bikin pening sbb blh fikir sendiri, jd bila rebel pun buli tahan jg alasan2 yg diberi. Hahaha. Tp sama2 la kita try jd anak yg baik. hehehe

  2. tu la ba.. normal2 pn blm tentu lagi dorang mami dadi kita dulu2 x pening menjaga kan.. hehe.. ya la.. let's try our best jd anak yg baik. :)