Friday, April 27, 2012

Sudden randomness.

I managed to get through the first week of Psychiatric clinical posting. Thank God! It was awesome. My first week was actually Community and Job Placement. So, most of the time spent outdoor! Weehuu ! Who doesn't like outing, right?

I should get and should start doing my case study now. BUT, PITY ME. I haven't got any real case study that I want to present. *sigh* :(  I have one from the job placement, but the information is not enough. I managed to interview another one but due to time  constraint, no assessments are done.

So, Z-E-R-O lah! huhu.

And let me make it worse, I'm the only one left with no real case study. Yay. Macam mana laini??

Trying to make myself happy and feel much better, I started preparing empty slides, fill with tables and slides with title.   *In mind : Nanti kalau suda ada case study, tinggal kasi masuk tu information seja.*

Brilliant strategy, isn't it?? * Big applause for myself, haha!*

OK! enough with that.

I went for the Sick and Elderly Mass today. 

My prayers are with you, the people who are suffering from their illnesses and for the elderly. May the Lord shower you with His abundant blessings that you may be healed from the sickness and be comforted with his Love. Amen.

I haven't seen this aunty who used to be the patient that I attend back in HKL for so long and tonight I get to see her. I guess, it does feel good  when someone notice your presence. Hee. Just a random  thought on that one.

I'm going for a short trip this weekend. Real short one. Pray for my safety? Amen.

Happy Weekend everyone! :)

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