Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Year, Another Wonder!

Adding another year to my age today and guess what - Another year, Another wonder! Weehuu.! :)

Thank you, Lord! Up until now, I am still breathing. Amen.

My loved ones, who have always been there for me from the day that I was born.

Besties ~ pretty Sumandaks! Glad to have amazing sisters like you guys.

Friends, wherever you are - thanksssss a lot!

I am grateful indeed for all your wonderful and lovely wishes on my birthday. I am wishing the same for you guys too. I know, words are not enough to describe how thankful I am, but once again, thank you guys. 

My world would never be the same without you all. Thank you! :)

Thank you guys! :)

Well, looking back on my last year birthday's post - my wish did come true. Thank you, Lord. I'm able to finish my study in time.

( Please ignore those other three wishes. Itu adalah wishes orang yang sedang perasan. Ha Ha.)

As for this year - I wish, I wish with all my heart to get a permanent and stable job; something related to OT. 
Amen. Hehe.

Since I've mentioned that I'm always looking forward on how does it look on my birthday - Well, nothing interesting today. Ha Ha.

 Happy Birthday Winnie! Haha. :)

Others who share the same birthday with me, happy birthday guys! Wishing you all the best in life. :)

Till then, take care. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just a Little Bit.

Just when I thought that everything were fading away, one call makes everything much better. Hee.

Thank God. :)

So, now I'm hoping and praying hard that everything will go well for me.

Hearing new updates from my friends, especially my course mates - makes me feel wow!. Well, they do have new stuffs going on lately. As for me, still in the same condition. But, thanks to that call,  feels revive again. 

Birthday is around the corner. Any surprises for me? Ahahaha . * please Winnie*

Yup3. Is this the good thing that I have been waiting for? Hopefully. :) . By the way, how's yours?

Take care you guys! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Right now, I can feel that my OT knowledge is fading away. phew.

Self confidence and positive emotions - fading away too.

Ba, jadey?? apa maciam ini?

 thanks tumblr!:)

This is what I'm trying to do now. Real hard punya. But, sometimes, listening to what other people says instead of experiencing it on my own, feels much better. Duh.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi-Ho September!

Hi-Ho September!

Have always been looking forward to September! Hehe. For sure you guys know why juga kan.

It's my birthday! As usual. Hehe. Just to see how my day would be on that time. Hoho. So, now I'm waiting-lah!

I hope that it would be a wonderful and amazing day for me. Amen.

Well, on a different note, I'm also hoping that September would bring something good and nice to me. A permanent job, maybe? Hopefully. :)

Till then, take care for now. :)

yup3. important things. :)