Saturday, December 31, 2011


tutup buka mata , we have come to the end of 2011 ( few hours from now la!)

First of all, thank you dear Lord. I'm very grateful that up to this second, I'm still breathing.

When I look back this one whole year, a lot of things happened.

These are some of it ..

Early this year, I got to celebrate the 2011 new year with the Abun Sominding's clan. First time and it was great!

I lost my loved ones unexpectedly - grandpa and uncle.

Broken-hearted for about 1 week plus2 .

Worrying over something that isn't really worth the time - when I think back la. because in the end, I got frustrated juga.

Make and meet new friends - clinical placement, industrial training and church members.

Awesome birthday and christmas - surprise, gifts and compliments!

Went to a school reunion held at Manukan Island without getting sunburn - I'm a first timer to pulau and it's great!

Health problems related to the skins - over!

Receiving a lot of gifts this year - and all of them are my favourites!

Home-attachment was greatly felt after 4 months of holidays sampai I felt I don't want to go back KL - I could've just stayed home and do the laundry! hoho!

Dilemma- either in need of a hair cut or keeping the hair long. hmm.

hmm. I don't quite remember the others. All I can say is that, 2011 is an amazing and wonderful year. I've been through a lot, both the happiness and sadness.

Seeing all the other people on FB posting about their new year's resolution aka azam, I myself begin to wonder - what is my azam for this new year.  Honestly saying, I don't know, I'm not sure and I don't have one, maybe?

The question is - perlukah ada azam baru ni?

I did, yes I did like buat azam baru when entering the 2011. What happened?  the azam I made was only effective for the first three months. So, what's the point of making a new one if the old one was unsuccessful?


Hey, don't be discouraged by those random words of mine. That's is just what I felt. If you do have one - go, do it!

I just don't really feel the new year aura - I'm away from home, perhaps? Not sure, hopefully that would be the main reasons.

Previous years, I've always looking forward what to do on the new year's eve. This time, I don't know why but I've been thinking of doing something more religious like rosary prayer. ( doesn't it seem funny hearing something like this from me? hoho. yes. I feel funny myself.) I just want to be grateful for what everything the Lord has given me and  I want to start this new year with a good one. ( What good? saya pn x tau! haha)

Dear 2012, will you be good to me? I prayed that I'd be given the strength and courage to do the very best of my ability as a final year student, be able to graduate in time and working! Amen!Halleluya!

saya curi dr tumblr ni. haha!

Good bye 2011, Hello 2012!
Happy New Year everyone! Have a great one!Oh, almost forgot. Please accept my sincere apology if I ever did hurt you guys, whether I'm aware of it or not, purposely or not, I truly apologize. May God shower you guys with His abundant blessings on this coming new year! Amen.

Take care. Be safe. Au revoir. :)


  1. hye, winnie. hepi new year 2012. it seems that we have the same azam. wish u will find someone special next year. =)

  2. hey Joyce! someone special?? haha! hope so. thanx! hepi new year 2!:)

  3. ko jumpa la sy winn. mesti ko hepi. anyway, azam baru sy: mo jadi slim, and cantik. bleh ka? haha :p

  4. yah. mari la kita jumpa zal. hahaha. sgt boleh. wakakaka.