Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas with them ♥

Ho Ho Ho. Merry - Merry Christmas! Praise the Lord! * still christmas ba kan??hee*

Once again, this year 2011, my christmas - being away from my family in Sabah. :(

But, worry not.. I have my own family here. *Thanks a lot guys - you rock!* :)

It might be slightly different celebrating christmas without real family around , but hey - I still had fun! Ho Ho!

What makes it different celebrating christmas away from family, comparing to last year celebration (sbb last year pn away juga!), for this year..

Firstly, did I mentioned that actually I was like given the opportunity to sing psalms on Christmas Day mass? Ho Ho Ho. I did! It feels great to be able to serve the Lord in this special day.

Secondly, meeting and knowing new people. That's awesome! - then being invited to their open house. haha!

Thirdly, christmas gifts! haha.
christmas gift fr Abner.! and the koala bear is actually fr my supervisor thanx. haha!:)

My christmas day with them was just a simple one but yet, it was meaningful. You may find sight-seeing, lepak-ing  in the shopping mall and bowling maybe boring and lame, but it's with them. So, for me, it's not!

Well, it's not where or how you spend christmas is, it's the people you spend with. :)

pretty sumandaks! hoho

 with Lily! the bear that I thought was a bottle at first. haha~

That's the inside story for my christmas this year! 

New Year is coming soon. New Year's resolution, anyone?? I haven't think of it. Ho Ho.

*current mode: study week - but so relax one!.haha*


  1. next year, berabis smbut christmas sini aa winn :). yier, i have so much to tell u. :(

  2. yeay! for sure. klu pjng umur.. mmg mo berabis smbt sna. hehe. hey, im always here. text, call, pakai asap pn buli la if got anything. dun wori dear.:)

  3. my christmas was not all that bad....... but, i was really missing home :(

  4. huhu.. jan la sedih2 zal.. nti sda hbs study.. monotos kita berkrismas sma family. :)