Thursday, December 8, 2011

11 weeks - o.v.e.r!!


That picture above, is just for your pleasure viewing. But then, is it pleasurable enough?? haha~  well, the inside story goes like this actually :

We were doing a domestic activity for our patient the other week. The menu for that day was scorn. (dunno what a scone is? google is available. ) Not really sure where was the exact wrong part or etc, the scone didn't really taste and look like a scone. See the picture-lah! hoho~ Pity the aunty lah ! ( patient). She didn't even get to taste the scorn. hmm. 

It has been 11 weeks already. Mark the day, weeks and months that my clinical placement for this semester, is OVER. First of all, thank God . Thank you for everything. I am very grateful for all your wonderful blessings and guidance during this time. My family, friends, who have always been very supportive to me through all this posting time and of course all the therapists and staffs of Occupational Therapy Department HKL and all the other ward that I've visited, especially Geriatric Ward NW16 ( perlu ka mention number ward??? mcm la urg tau. hahaha!)

Well, this 11 weeks, I've been through a lot, learnt a lot, met new people and make new friends. This was such an amazing experience for me that I will never forget. Meeting all kinds of people, dealing with different characters, doing things that I've never expected - the feelings is indescribable though! :)

Doing Neurology in the first months, and I found out that neuro cases are not only about stroke or TBI. (  see how naive I am thinking that neuro is only for stroke and TBI ~ haha!)

The second months, doing medical.  During this placement, I am confronted with some  fussy caregiver. But this situation, taught me to be much more patient. Try to always be in their shoes, be empathy. Then, I will know what it's like to be in their situation.

The last three weeks of clinical placement, I'm doing on geriatric area. Frankly saying, I enjoyed watching these folks especially when some of them are really cute. cute - comel! hoho. But seriously, I can't help myself watching every move they make, the facial expressions they have. . I think old folks are adorable. Not like those teddy bear or baby type of adorable, but they're just adorable.

The difference in dealing with old folks people and the others is how you treat them. Sure, all of us know that they might get a bit sensitive some time and  needs more attention but that's them. This three weeks, taught me a lot on old folks people. I also got the chance to bath one of them ! ( this is the unexpected event. hoho!).   At first , I was reluctant, but when I think back, " hey, opportunities don't always come, so why not?". So, imagine la. me , unfortunately with my baju kurung on that day, bathing a patient. haha!

And to make it more interesting, there was a smart looking Dr there! just came for attachment. hohoo! (kenapa la datang time saya final week sda Dr?? xda la chance mo tingu lama2!hahaha!) 

The real fun here was, he is from Sabah. Well, it started like this..

 He was wearing a name tag and a name card. But since the name card is too small, I can't read the name, IC no and post. I only got to see the name. Okay, I see the name.haha!

Then, I saw one form  with his signature and cop la. The cop is written - PAKAR PERUBATAN HOSPITAL QUEEN ELIZABETH. I was like - OMG! ni Dr urang  Sabah ka pla???? 

On one situation, while doing a ward round, we were standing opposite to each other. Then, this time around, I saw his name card. Quite clear. I saw the IC no la. (x ble blah!)  I saw the number 12 on the IC. OK, sah dia urang Sabah juga! hahaha!.

What makes it more funnier, he was also looking at my name card. (p/s : I can see the eye okay! even my friend pun notice). Suddenly, he walks towards me. 

Long story short, he is offering me to be part of his team back in Sabah because he will be opening a Geriatric Dept soon. Wah, Winnifred! hahaha!. But, Dr, I'm still a student. ( I bet , he thought I am doing attachment also)

hmm. ada harapan lagi ka ni jumpa DR good looking ni?? hahah!

Okay, enough with the Dr part. Overall, I'm glad that I finished this posting.  Next - thesis, VIVA and final exam.



  1. ehem. seems like someone has met with.. ;D. bah winn, just accept the offer then ;). ok la tu, mntau dpt kerja terus sn

    ps: a little bit hard for me to read your post as the font are too..skinny? lol

  2. hahaha.. kenangan terindah seja la jumpa Mr D. hohoho.. mmg eager mo accept... but then, tu kn gov hosp.. it's not like he's the one yg akan select who's gonna be a gov servant. hahaha!

    sori2. i ody change the font. hoho.

  3. oh winn! there you go! prince charming!!!!! omaigawd..... sy senyum2 ni bca post ko :)

  4. haha! sy pn ketawa sorang2 ni npk ko tulis yg ko senyum2 baca ni post. haha. prince charming la kali.. mn ada chance lg jpa tu dr o. hahaha.

  5. me too,i am going to sit up for VIVA by tomorrow..i wish i can do better than ever....

    may god blessing u dear=)

  6. tq and all da best for u too dear! hopefully we'll be able to do our very best!