Saturday, December 17, 2011

.reminiscing you.

hmm, so true kan? because, sometimes I still feel this. . heish3.!

take care dear first love! I wish you many - many happiness and wonders in your life.! :)


  1. that's the feelings i planted in my heart years ago dear..but since my first love has failed, i never tells myself to trust first love anymore.

    different people will come out with different idea of first love.right dear?

    anyway, may god blessing you dear..=)

  2. ya..mine also failed.. though it took quite some times to move on but now, I'm glad that I'm over it already.. I can talk about him without feeling any pain or etc..

    May God bless u too dear! and of course, your relationship ! happy for both of you. :)

  3. Winn!!!!! I love you. STILL! hahahahahahaa :p

  4. hahaha.ya. I love you. always have.. always will. haha!