Saturday, December 24, 2011

pre- christmas!

First of all, Thank God! Praise the Lord! Amen!

I've finished the hardest part for this sem! ( I would called them hardest part though!)

This week - 2 VIVA clinical exam in a row., neuromedical + geri.. Although I'm not really satisfied with my geri VIVA performance and I didn't get to see the smart- looking Dr, I'm grateful because I've tried my best.

and thesis chap 1- 3, submitted! so, finally, a little bit of oxygen for me to breathe. hoho!

Still remember what I want for my christmas gift this year? haha!

a dream came true! surprise christmas gift from roomies!:)

actually, it comes with another gift :
a red stocking, a basket and a card!:)

I was deeply touched by these gifts and I did cried.( mo cakap sy manja la tu kn? x kesah! hoho). I had never expected to receive a christmas gift this year.  I was going to buy the bola2 on my own actually. haha! never thought that I would really get them as my christmas gift. Thanks a lot roomies - Lin & Aziella. Love u guys! :)

So, today, after all the hardships, (kunun la!).. Lily and I thought of going for christmas shopping. Gosh! this was among the not-so-good experience while shopping. teda hasil pn! We've been to every shops but none of them attracts us. how pity :(

This though- trigger  me missing home badly. huhu! * just a little bit more, Winnie*

Dear Lord, I pray for your blessings on this special day of Christmas.My loved ones - family members and friends, far or near , may they receive your abundant blessings. I pray to you Lord that they may be given the best health and in what everything they do. Amen.


  1. Merry Christmas winn! sy pun suka klu dpt hadiah christmas :)

  2. hihi. merry christmas zal! sepa x suka dapat hadiah. haha.