Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hi November!

Yes, November. Please be good. :)

October passed by just like that. So fast and yeah, there were a lot of things happened in October. Good things and of course, a few not so good things, I guess.

One of the good things! Officially graduated after 4 years of struggles, hardships, and craziness of  being an OT student. Hehe. Thank you, all of you who had been there all the time. Supporting me through thick and thin. Love you lots! :)

Another good things that happened!I became a volunteer at a centre and a week there makes me happy. I should not give that up, kan? Yeah!

The other thing - I'm still thinking actually, whether to give it up or not. This one is a bit complicated. So, I need some time to think it thoroughly. Should I give up or not. Worth the fight or not. So, hold on la.

Well, November - I really hope you do have something good for me. Amen.

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