Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my January!

I have been dying to scribble my inside story in here but due to the so-lame-internet-connection, my desire is &%^$%$%%. hmm. Never mind, finally today is the day! Ho Ho . :)

Aha! To start of, my January begins with my final exam la! 3 papers with one week gap each, Thank God, I've managed to get through that. Hopefully, I will be able to get a good result then. Amen. The papers - no comment. Ha Ha Ha. Plus, I've mentioned them earlier  in my other post.

Okay, as soon the exams finished, home town is my next destination. Safely arrived! Great!

First week here, spent most of the time at home. Except, being asked as unpaid driver. 

My initial plan was - I wasn't going to tell my home coming here in Sabah. Not to say that I wanted to make a real surprise like surprise! kind of thing, but I just feel like don't have the heart to tell everyone that I'm home. Maybe it's because, my comebacks is just a short one.

and sorry you! I purposely didn't tell you. Once I'm in Sabah, then I told you I'm home. Don't get mad. Surprise? Hehe. :)

Second week here, awesome! because it's school holiday and everyone was around! Feels great seeing everyone gathered around - family la of course. :)

This was the first time I was able to be here for a CNY celebration. Not that I celebrate them, but since I'm studying 'abroad', I never come back for this kind of occasion. When I think back, this new uni schedule enable me to be here for Raya and CNY. Ha Ha.! For this year CNY, I managed to get RM20 for Ang Pow. I'm satisfied with that because I only went to one house. So, not bad-lah kan! Ha Ha.

Then, meeting you-lah! two times! I felt that the time flies by so fast  - again, after a few years of not feeling like that. Weird! I'm not so sure myself what this is. Hopefully, it's good news. :)

Another best part was the January family's gathering. A little bit of changes done. Besides prayer, dinner together and birthday celebration, another addition to the day was a gotong-royong. Good! and this month, movie session together. I'm extremely grateful being part of them! You guys rock my world! :)

Emergency case - going back to my mom's kampung ( my kampung also rite?). It's been years and finally coming back again, so many changes. And I have this indescribable feelings when one of my cousin came over and say ," Nak, ko besar suda o kan." Oh, did I? *monolog dalaman saya la.

Few days left before going back to KL. :(. I miss you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last holiday as a student?

yeay! it's been a week here at my home town, Sabah! yippeee!

One of my target during this short holiday is to learn and play guitar. Yep, I'm learning! but my fingers damn hurt! huhu. I guess, that's the sacrifices I need to make to learn something new, aite? hey, but I'm still a beginner. Much more lower than a beginner perhaps? hoho

Sometimes, in the midst of learning.. I suddenly feel like,.. OMG! I'm this big enough baru mo terasa belajar this kind of thing,.. Why on earth this rasa  didn't come when I was having my looong holiday or when I was in my early Uni years?  - Because I'm a final year student now. hoho

Hopefully, I can master the basic art of guitar this short holidays and learn more after this.

Pray for me so that I won't lose hope in learning guitar? - Amen.

P/s : Gong Xi Fatt Chai.! Have a prosperous one! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sem 7 - finished!

Hullo everyone! 

FYI, my 7th semester of study is officially finished today! *weeehuuuuu - happy mode *

I still got 1 final semester left. Hopefully, everything will turn out fine. *fingers-cross, Amen*

The medical paper I took just now -NO COMMENT. Ha Ha Ha. 

Never mind, past is past ma kann?? :)

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a great one and do take care of yourself!;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

scribble time!

Today is 12th of January 2012 - Happy Birthday to whoever is celebrating their birthday today. I hope you have a great and blessed day.. and of course, may whatever you wishes, hopefully, it may come true.

I'm still in the midst of exam season and Thank God, I've finished with 2 papers and 1 more to come this next Monday. * Best of luck - Winnie!*

I've wasted my time for today. While everybody was busy concentrating on their notes, I was happily watching a korean show, read a few lines of Pedretti on Oncology- which I considered as my lullaby because I was asleep then till 4 ++ pm, maybe? * sigh - I have no idea what is wrong with me*

Remember, I wanted to be in a music band. The vocal perhaps? Ha Ha. 

The side effects of watching too much cover on youtube, I ended up feeling and having the urge of playing a guitar. Somewhere in my amazing brain (Ha Ha), I've imagined myself singing while playing guitar and that was awesome! Awesome, kan? Kan bilang.Ha Ha.

Besides that, I also have this urge - kunun la, learning to play the piano. Then, I was feeling a bit regretful of not finishing my classes on organ. :( 

Okeh. Past is past. Sepa suruh x belajar betul2 dulu. neh.

I'm getting older ( sedar pun! haha), and I was like, sempat lagi ka to learn all these things.? hmm. Well, it's never too late la to learn anything but I'm not sure if this one is considered. So, I've come to realize that, someday, I would send my kids for music instrument class.
 *euww. kawin pn blm, sda mo pikir yg begini2*

What inspires me and actually a little bit envious is when seeing my friend learn guitar on her own. I want too! So, a short meeting with her, I asked her to teach me a bit. Yay! I thought it was easier but it wasn't. I ended up having my finger sakit2 ni. *heish*

I hope I can continue them when I'm home for short holiday later. 

Moral support please? hoho.

maybe having this pink guitar would inspire me to learn and play one? hoho. you are welcome to buy me one,! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First paper of my final year semester - done!

Ha Ha Ha! done with my neurology paper.. which I am totally speechless on commenting whether it's easy, so-so or hard.

The usual routines I would have been doing after I had seated for the exam, I would be arranging the related notes nicely and put them aside. SO, THAT I WON'T REGRET MY ANSWER PREVIOUSLY. hoho!

Well, that is the thing that we should do right?

But, for this semester, that routine is no longer applicable. *sigh*

This is because, somehow somewhere, all this 3 paper for this sem are related.

Next paper is Geriatric. So, you see, for sure there would be a neurology condition also. Means, I can't simply put aside my Neuro notes, kan? huh.


Selagi ingatan masi tegar, I want to share the exam questions here. Because,  I tend to completely forgot the questions starting tomorrow morning. So, I would like to post it here - next time I'm blogwalking on my own blog which is maybe few months or years from now (kalau saya panjang umur la,.) I would be laughing till my stomach hurts . Ha Ha Ha.


1 - someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease with a catastrophic reaction. ( FYI, I haven't heard anything about this term until today).  then, soalan dia, pathopysiology AD and define catastrophic reaction. Ha Ha Ha! Pathophysiology? haha. saya tidak baca langsung sbb yakin ini barang x keluar. kunun. but you see? ohemjih.

2 - stroke. aphasia vs dysarthria? haha! saya baca sekali lalu seja. I'm not sure if I have given the exact points.

3- TBI. the only part yang saya confident skit. haha!

4- MS. yang ni pn hampeh! seriously, I have no idea what is the tx precautions and the strategies involved. haha!

Okeh. off for some mind-clearing session now. hoho.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

aktiviti berkhasiat sekitar study week bagi student final year

Jam menunjukkan 12.25 am. nah! ni baru la midnight - urang puti bilang. hoho!

Oh, this time punya entri kunun2, saya mo cakap melayu ni..melayu slang sabah. jadi, klu ada salah dan silap, minta mahap! :)

kalau kamurang ni pengikut setia sama ni inside story kan.. kalau kamurang perasan la.. few months ago, the exact time.. sekitar study week juga.. si inside story punya urang cakap dia tingu korea time study week. 

so study week kali ini, final year student ni, 3 subjek, semua 5 kredit.. tingu korea lagi. nah! ini kali lah! trip2 pandai n confident kunun si kawan. tingu nota neuro men sebelah mata seja. hoho! karang kalau melangap tingu paper neuro, baru la dia  x tau kan? hoho. keteh!

tapi, tapi! drama ni kali, hero dia, cam besa la hensem + good looking  dan yang sewaktu dengannya lah. heroin pun 2 x 5 la. memang sweeeeet la kunun... semaaarrrt pun ada. but then, I wonder sikijap. wujud ka lagi lelaki begitu di dunia sebenar? hmmmm. bukan mo look down, but so far la, I haven't seen one.

so, konklusi dia sini, those type of guys only exist in drama world. tapi,if you guys know anyone yang macam tu, kirim salam! kalau dia xda sumandak, si  inside story masi single.!hahahaha!

title : Heartstrings @ You've Fallen For Me. - ini hero n heroin kunun-

Itu la kunun2 tu drama yang saya tingu tu. hoho. buli la bikin cuci mata sekitar study week seorang final year student. FINAL YEAR STUDENT! ahahaha. memang aktiviti yang berkhasiat untuk dilakukan semasa study week kan?

jangan, jangan lah tiru aksi ni urang.! concerntrate la kamurang study k?

okeh! off for now. sleeping is one of the domain in OTPF.  jadi, kita harus tidur la. hoho. Anyway, best of luck for your exams! May God blessings be with you! Amen. ;)