Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012.

Aww. Today is the last day of the year! I was suddenly awake and felt like the need to blog. Woah!! A really good sign telling myself that I haven't been scribbling in my inside story page and that, I should do it before the year ends! Hehe!

Oh. Before that, Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013! I hope that you guys did have a blessed and joyful christmas with your loved ones just like I did. :)

Well, frankly speaking - saying good bye to 2012 was quite difficult for me. A lot of things happened and I am 201 % sure that I am going to miss them badly.

So, let's do some recap on what has been happening this 2012. Shall we? Jooom! :)

Starting off, my new year's eve for 2012 - since I was still a student and it wasn't a holiday on that time, I was spending the eve with my fellow Borneos. Great! Eat, eat and eat. Who doesn't like eating kan? Haha.

I was  still a student back then. Final year student to be exact and January was the month of Sem 1 final exam. So, you might see how busy the month was. Sem 1 officially ended and I started my last holiday as a student. It should be 4 weeks but being the final year student doesn't allow you to enjoy all your 4 weeks happily. So, I went back campus on the third week. How sad, kan? :(

February - My final semester of my final year. Hearing the words final was like," Wow, almost the end!". Yup3. That was exactly how I felt on that time. But, the workloads, phew! Thesis + case study + clinical placement. Oh, month of love was it?Haha. To be exact, Valentine Day. I didn't spend it alone. Instead, I spent them with my house mates searching for books ( RM 200 Baucer Buku - remember that?? Hehe)

This month, I started my first week of clinical posting. The arrangements of clinical posting was quite different for this semester. Well, I started mine with Orientation and Mobility. The fun part was, refreshing the knowledge of using the white cane. The not so best part was, of course, has always been - the case study. Haha. But, thank God.

I was still in the midst of clinical posting. The third one already. Thesis stuff of course, was still on the run. Phew 15X. ( Almost the same routine for a student, kan? Haha!)

May was quite a special month. (Special, I guess?? Haha) It's like the climax of my study period. Haha. Clinical placement ended, which I was going to miss and yes because I did, now. Really busy finishing up the three last chapters for my thesis and not to mention this was all the difficult and very important chapters. Stress level - Higgggghh! I was feeling so stressful with all the chapters, datelines of submitting this and that, final exams. Oh, I forgot to mention - I need to redo my chapter 2, LR part and of course the other chapters were also affected a bit. For you who knows, the difficulty of doing the LR in 10 pages and in Malay language. Huhu. Despite the busy-ness of May, May was still a great month. Attend quite a lot of dinner and the best part behind it, SHOPPPING! Haha.

Almost the end of student's life. Feeling great but at the same time the sadness fills.Thesis was also at the end of the finishing level. Thank God. Dilemma came and fills too. It's because you were at the end of your student's life and people had been asking you your future plan. To add that up, it was quite frustrating because you don't have one at that time. Haha! Sad enough kan? Well, aside from academic stuff, church community stuff. A KAGAPE event was held and it was never-been-better-awesome! Hehe.

Student life - ENDED! My 4 years journey in UKM was officially ended. Glad but feeling sad at the same time leaving all those memories created in UKM. I still missed them now. Huhu. New stage of life started - jobless! Haha. I was planning to have a long holiday but I couldn't persuade myself to do so. So, I went and look for a temporary job - clerk. Hoho.

I was still in a job hunting process and still in my temporary job. Haha. I got my final exam result and Thank God. It was something that I have never expected. Thank God. Another stress coming in, jobless kan. haha.

Happy 23rd birthday to me! Haha.

Officially graduated- I'm an OT now! Missed my flight and traumatized by that. Haha. I went to Simpang Mengayau and I soo wanna go back there again. Still - jobless!

Officially jobless. I quit from my temporary job and became a permanent house-NOT-wife. Haha.

Not in link? Haha. A lot of things happen actually but I was so busy that I wasn't able to share them. Hehe. Wonderful and great month. Loved ones has always been the cause. Hehe

What a year right?. Thank you 2012. I get to know many new people in my life, been through and learnt a lot. If my 2012 checklist, was going to meet or find someone that will make me happy, thanks! You guys rock my world! But, if it is really a someone - I almost did find someone but still almost was not the one.Hehe. Well, I do hope 2013 enable me to tick that check-list. Haha!

Farewell 2012, Hello 2013. :) 

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