Wednesday, May 30, 2012

thesis findings presentation, checked!

*current mode - taking a break from my case study manuscript writing. sigh*

Thank God, I've done with my thesis findings presentation. Ya, I could say the presentation went well. Hehe.

Minus this, still got a few more academic stuffs awaits me.

case study manuscript submission - although the dateline is extended, I wanna stick to the previous date given!

soft bound thesis submission - I want and need to finish thesis before the dateline. I need to start on my revision already!

viva thesis - I still don't have any idea on how the situation might be ( during that time) but fingers-crossed! hoping that everything will go well and  perhaps  little/some corrections only to be done? hopefully.

I am so looking forward to the day of going back to my home town. Sangat-sangat homesick! huhu.

Oh gosh.I really need a break. oxygen please! 

Sumandaks, joyah session please. :(

Dear Lord, I pray for your blessings and guidance during this critical time. Give me strength and courage so that I will be able to get through this. Amen.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Le Final Year

Today is 24th of May 2012 . It's 5.28 pm now. (Thank God, I'm not disorientated)

The so unproductive day for me - because I am so damn lazy. Lazy scale is 9.5 over 10. phew.!

Just because I'm a final year student, it doesn't  mean that I'm not allowed to be lazy. Kan?

So, the lazy day is today! Today.!  *Congratulations, Winnie. Today is your lazy day!*

Thesis finding's presentation - next week.

Case study manuscript - next week

Study week - The week after next week

Thesis soft bound submission - The week after next week

Wow! Quite a pack week before the final exam. Yay!

Oh, wait. haven't finish yet. I have Thesis Viva in the middle of my final exam. What a perfect combinations! :)

So, my apology - If I've ignored your phone calls or messages.
*Padahal, handphone memang sentiasa bobou pun.Haha*

There are lots of things to do in a very short time. Up to this stage, it's not the stress that I feel much but somehow, burn out seeing the workloads on my desk.

Itu baru workloads. Belum masuk lagi part packing stuff ,job searching and some matters that I need to settle before going back for good. Dei.

But, for sure, I am going to miss being a final year student. Despite all the workloads and stress that I've been through, final year is still a wonderful moment.

Being a final year student :

  • You no longer need to attend any classes, except for 1 week in the early semester. That 1 week is just to refresh your knowledge about the clinical placement that you will be attending.
  • No assignments! Weehuu!
  • You'll finish clinical placement two weeks earlier than study week. More time for waking up without alarm! Haha!
  • You'll have lots of dinner  to attend - just because you're a final year student and you don't want to miss it. Plus, it gives you more opportunity to  shop . until you drop. haha!
  • You'll appreciate your sleep time, more and more!
See the wonders of being a final year student? 
(Minus the tiredness felt after clinical placement, case study searching and presentation, viva clinical exam, projects for department,waking up early and going back late, thesis, thesis and thesis) Yeay, right?? :)

Just a few more weeks , Winnie! Please bear with it! After this, you're going to have a long break. 
(Planning on a real holiday without FB and handphone. Will I be able to do that? Looking forward then.)

Sneek Peek to my messy desk! On your left, workloads that I need to finish. Sticking on the board, are all the important dates. phew.!:)

For all the final year students out there, hang on guys. Just a little bit more. Anyway, best of luck ya!

Take care, God Bless. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012


I have a lot of stories to tell. Starting from my psychiatry clinical viva exam, college's annual dinner and some inside story . duh! where to start.?

Just a quick one then ..

Psychiatry clinical viva exam - my patient on that time suddenly stand up and walk away in the middle of the interview session. huh! Tears were in my eyes already that I thought  will fail this exam. But, thank God, the second patient can cooperate till the end of the session. phew!

College's annual dinner - the theme is blue colour! ocean of happiness. Thanks to my personal 'tukang gaya' for helping me choosing the best attire and to get ready for the night (credits to room mates!) The dinner was great! The food, the place.! Great job committee member! * further information about this dinner, please drop by my FB wall to see the pictures*

Inside story -

One of my church's friend shared this homily about Erti Hidup di Dalam Kasih yang Sebenar. Wonderful! Strikes me right in the heart and mind about the issue 'jodoh'. People always says that 'Jodoh di tangan Tuhan' . Please read this line again and think whether it is appropriate for all situations or not. I was once believe that everything (jodoh) is in God's hand - before reading this. After reading the homily and  hearing some explanations from a friend, I come to realize, it's not in God's hand. It's in our own hand.Actually.

I don't mean to say that God is not involved at all. He still is , by guiding and showing us how, who and where. Ask and you shall be given the answer.

Yes, I haven't been in a relationship for years and I'm used to it. People came and walk out of my life in which some I felt the impact given and some, I removed them. I know, it sounds somehow harsh but I can't help it. I've tried to be super nice, being empathy and all that but still being harsh is the method that I chose.

Honestly saying, I don't even  know where my heart stands - either still mourning, hesitant to move on, still attached,  traumatised or picky.

My deepest apology to those, whom I removed and soon to be removed. I have my reasons to do so.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's May already! and just like I've mentioned in my previous entry, there's still got little time before I finish my study and graduated ! * Amen*

Well, in that case, my work loads - phewww!.

Psychiatry viva exam - thesis findings presentation - case study manuscript submission - final exams - thesis viva - thesis submission


that is just the academic part. I have another few stuffs and commitment to be worried about ..

my things/property here - books, clothes etc.  How to ship them back to Sabah? I wish you could swim your own way back to Sabah. Punya bagus begitu kan.

gawai kaamatan event later in our church. worried about how it was going to be. 

finding jobs! huhu. I so wanna find job back in Sabah and I am extremely hoping that I could find at least one there. Been away from home for too long and now I just wish to be much closer to my loved ones.

Despite all the busy-ness I had and will have, May is still a great month.

It's a month for aramai-ti! Kiihoooi! - kaamatan, weddings and etc. too bad. won't be around for all these events.

Mother's day, Teacher's day and Mummy's birthday - I love you mummy! :)

Dinners , dinners and dinners - got a lot dinner event to attend to. maklum la kalau final year ni, semua dinner pun mau attend. kunun. But then, I haven't shop for the right attire. duh!

Ex-boyfie punya birthday - haha! just kidding.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful May ! ( same goes to me also, hehe)

Take care and God bless! XOXO.