Saturday, February 25, 2012

random weekend

Hullo ! Hullo !

Haven't been here for almost a week. I mean the writing part actually. Ho Ho. I'm just always here, I mean logging in and reading other people's post.

Well, how are you ? Hope that everything's fine and goes well just like the way you want them to be.

My final semester started already. A week of class and this next week, clinical posting begins again. Just like the previous semester, 3 months with 3 different area.

Wish me luck, will ya? :)

So many random things happen lately and I just don't know where to start and spill them here. Hehe. ;p

Anyway.. have a blessed weekend guys! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Good news! I've bought  a new car! Jeng Jeng Jeng!

 See my new car! Ho Ho

Haha. nice car isn't it??

A Bus Tour on the 14th of February! 

Economy style of sight-seeing! kan??
Inside story : Shopping for the book voucher actually! Ho Ho.

Tea time treats!
Hot & Roll Crispy. Yummy!
Recently, I have always been eating and eating. A lot!

New image? 

 with spectacles. la la la

How do I look then?

Final semester will start soon. I'm not sure how it may look like. Hopefully , it won't be as bad as I've imagined ( because I imagined that it would be stressful and ugly. huhu)  *fingers crossed*

Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 February

12 February! 

I have always , every year looking forward to this date. And, to make it more special, today's date falls on the same day ( which is Sunday), just like 6 years ago.

It always brings back good memories and I would love to keep it that way. 

nice view kan?? :)

Blessed weekend everyone! :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

I fancied pink.

There is no need for you to  ask me what is my favourite colour. See for yourself and you may find - it's pink! Ho Ho

To start off, I honestly admit that pink wasn't even my favourite colour before this. I remember that  I really - 27x dislike this colour. I even make fun of people who fancy pink. I guess what comes around, goes around. Karma laini!~ hmm.

Then, it was all started when I really felt like heaven seeing all kinds of stuffs in pink  colour . It's an indescribable feeling. I wasn't aware of it but my friends noticed that most of my properties are in  pink  colour.

Since then, I'm a  pink-lover! :)

Pink comes in different tones, right? sometimes, too pinky, less pinky or teraaannngg sangat.. yang lembut2 orang bilang.. ( I'm trying to explain here, hopefully you'll get 'em. Ho Ho). For me, I don't have that specific tone of pink that I'm attracted to and not all the pink colour is my favourite. It's all depends on what I feel on that exact time (when seeing the pink colour-lah!)

So, here's some of images for you guys to cuci2 mata. If some of you are allergic to pink, I'm deeply sorry then. :)

yummy pinky!:)

pink slipper! I used to have one but putus ody!:)

What's your favourite colour?

Maybe, a pink birthday gift this year?? Ho Ho.

Blessed weekend everyone . :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

.in the name of ♥ .

Most of the magazines I've read stated that February is the month of love. Probably because , 14th is Valentine Day is it? Oh, I don't know. Maybe.

If you guys happen to be on the MAS plane this February and have a sneak peek on the Going Places magazine, you may find this one article, ( oh damn! I forgot the title) about love rituals in certain culture around the world - declaring your love require more than saying "I Love You". * something2 like that la!*

Not because I'm in love or being single but, the rituals are actually somehow interesting and I was like 'what??'. 

Since I'm interested ( kunun ), I would love to share some of them here. Ho Ho Ho.

1. Estonia - Padlock Bridge

Honestly, I don't know where the heck is Estonia (sila la google jika rajin) but this Padlock Bridge is in Estonia - lah!

Couples will write /carved their names on the padlock and put them in the bridge. The padlock key, thrown in the river. Putting a lock on the bridge symbolizes the undying and eternal love between the couples because once the padlock key thrown in the river, for sure you won't be able to get them back.

Honestly, I think this one is sweet and very symbolic. :)
Maybe I should carve my name and put one on my house fence? Haha!
credits : Google.

2. Rural Austria - Underarm Apples

This one a bit odd and 'euw'. But, please. Bear with me. Ho Ho Ho.

Young women will do a ritual dance with apple slices lodged in their armpits. They will give the slices to the man she's interested to after the dance and the man eats it.


3. Mauritania - Wife Fattening

I believe every girls dreaming of having a perfect body figure ( saya pun ba! Ho Ho), maybe 36-24-36?
Ha Ha!

But dear, if you are in Mauritania and you are searching  for your soul mate, I tell you this. Just forget everything, I repeat, everything related to having a slim body figure. Here, you don't need that. The bigger size of body you own here, more guys will be attracted to you. They have this belief that bigger woman brings more happiness and luck.

Besides, the woman's size indicates the amount of space she occupies in her husband's heart.

They also have this "Wife -Fattening Farm" which all the girls will be send here for the fattening process. Ho Ho.

Ba, jadey?? apa lagi. ?? Jadi gumuk la kita. Haha!

4. Wales - Love Spoons

Guy gives a girl this love spoons. 

credits : Google

So, which method would you guys pick to declare you love?? Ho Ho.
Be brave!

Take care people! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunny afternoon

My holiday here in Sabah as a student officially ended today. Tomorrow, back to KL. *sigh*

Although, my holiday has been cut short ( because the real date is actually another two weeks from now) - I've experienced joy, happiness, boring, dull, sad and latest one is frustrated + disappointed. :(

I was having my nap earlier, and once I woke up, I started to wander around. Feeling a little bit sad actually,leaving home. But, this the nature ( I bet ) being a final year student, you need to sacrifice a lot of things just to graduate within time. *Amen*

I just hope that my lemak2 would be sacrificed during the hectic time later or maybe vice versa? Oh,. God. Hopefully not latter one.

Remember, in my previous post. . I used to always remind and promise myself, not to expect again for the uncertain things.

This time, I really (27x) didn't expect anything until being able to see face to face. Now, I am feeling a little bit mad to myself for having such feeling. Why on earth did this happen??

Hmm. On the positive side, this feeling is actually  a counter-effect of my sadness . I could use some distraction right now. 

Oh, I am talking crap. haha. Probably because I am hungry. Off for some food search first then.

Happy thoughts no matter what.:)