Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello August!

Hello August!

It's been a while kan? Fuh. A lot of things going on recently but my hands, ( the brain actually) couldn't come out with the best lines to display here. Ha Ha.

Never mind, what matters now is that, I'm here! :)

Exam result and overall 4 years performance as an OT student. - Weehuu!

Thank You Lord! Thank You everyone! Inside story space may not be able to fit in all your names here (if I were to mention them all), but I am really grateful for having your presence with me for the past 4 years in UKM.

Family and friends - never get tired of hearing me complained, mumbling and etc ; always there to comfort and listen to all my nonsense, crap and what ever they were. I love you guys! A lot! You guys sure rock my world more than ever.

Now that's left - Convocation Day this October. I am so looking forward to it. 

Oh ya, I am so looking forward to the 23th birthday too. Ha Ha. Can't wait to see how my day would look like on that time.

Till then, take care! :)

hoping the best for August! :)

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