Thursday, April 28, 2011

I dunno what to do. =(

 current mode :
sedang berguling-guling di atas katil, blur2 dunno what to do + listening to Alyson Michalka - Someone to Fall Back On

A little recap on the song I'm listening into :

I am no prince,
I am no saint,
I am not anyone's wildest dreams,
But I will stand behind and be
Someone to fall back on..

You guys might be wondering why all the sudden I have so many entries in this very short time. haha~
Okey! let me tell ya!

I'm so free ( not free like 'free' - if you know what I mean). Actually, I don't know what to do; even though, I think there are so many stuffs can be done - watching movies, do some cleaning, sight seeing, eating, reading journals and so much more. SEE ?? so much right? but poor me, I 'm not really in the mood of doing that and I admit, I lose some appetite but still, with the same size.  *sigh*

main reasons behind : uncertain. =(

I miss home badly and wanted to be home A.S.A.P.
  • I just found out that my dear didie (aka my father) is sick. He was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy - temporary paralysis of facial muscles.
  • I don't wanna miss the 100th days prayer of my deceased grandpa.
  • I wanted to go and visit a friend.
  • Saya homesick. =(
So now, I really hope that my short sem, is much shorter and that my LI - Latihan Industri is in Sabah.

I wanted to seek and search for anyone available at the moment to have a chat with me, just so to distract me from my restless mind and thinking.


  1. i didn't know uncle is sick! how is he now? :(

    btw, come home soon. life is boring lately!

  2. ya. i jz found out ds morning jg. huhu. he came to the hosp late. almst like agak teruk jg. he cant close his eyes and his voice a bit unusual. he's going the electric therapy now, like he said la and do all the facial exs.hua2.. ya la.. wanting to be home soo badly. agree with u on is sure boring lately. huhu!

  3. winn, sy harap2 ko dpt cpt blk, amen :)
    sy harap2 ko pny dd cpt sembuh, amen :)
    sy harap2 spy ko pny short sem jd sgt short, amen :)

  4. terima kasih jajal.semoga dikabulkn doa2 anda. amen. =)