Sunday, April 17, 2011

so called drama analysis.haha^^

Two more papers and then, 3rd year as OT student is over.. next academic session.. FINAL YEAR STUDENT.. *super-duper senior u.wah!*

On one fine afternoon, while I was having my lunch, I decided that - "mm.. best jg kn smbil2 makan, ada hiburan.".. so, the most lucky one being picked from my dear external is Secret Garden.

the main characters..^^

As you guys surely know, my pure intention.. is that.. to watch only the first episode as my entertainment during makan.. and the next episode, maybe after the exam finishes or be my positive reinforcement once I finish studying.

Sorry. I failed to do that. *sigh! winnie, wake up!! *

Seriously, I cannot not watch the drama till the last episode. The characters in the drama, somehow somewhere, attracted me. Yup, story line, not bad! ok la.. I admit la, the actor is good looking but anywhere, his attitude, characteristics in the drama - I like it, soooo like. ( fine! ejek la!).. wujudkah orang seperti itu di Sabah, mahupun Malaysia? aaah.. I wonder.!

Despite of this guy rough- kasar - arrogant maybe characteristics, but when it comes to someone he loves, he do cares a lot. That's what attracted me the most. He may not show them directly, but he has his own style of expressing his feelings. *plus, with the smile - extra credit la u!haha~*

It's a relief actually that I finally managed to finish all the episode. Now, I can peacefully and 100 % concentrate on my studies. but, inside, still feel like .. hmm ..  indescribable.. =)

Current mode :  Listening to the That Man - Secret Garden OST. Try listening to it.It feels good. =)

he's the guy!~haha.=)

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  1. Sy pun suka ini drama winn....the only drama korean since sy d uk yg sy x stop, sy x brp suka ending dia la....mcm x realistik ni.....ada 3 anak, bdn n style dorang mc lg itu2.....