Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get well soon, Andy!

I was sleeping soundly early this morning, 23/4/2011 when I suddenly received a call from my schoolmate aka my best friend. Honestly, I felt a bit strange why he  call. I thought that he called just to have a chat with me or etc. I  act normally and even wish him "Happy Easter" ( since it's easter tomorrow). Hearing his voice, I can feel that something is not right. Then, with his calm voice, he told me that Andy was involved in an accident.

Upon hearing this, I was shocked actually. I'm totally speechless. I just don't know what to say or what is the right words to say on that very moment. Since both of us still don't know how's he doing, in my heart, I just hope that he is totally fine. I just hope that it was a minor accident.

But, after calling and asking some of my friends, I manage to know almost the real situation he's in. Early this morning, he had just been through a surgery (my friend said he had bleeding in his brain - traumatic brain injury I guess). He is still unconscious and now still in ICU.

I felt the impact -  up to the moment when I'm writing this entri, I can feel that my body's shaking for no reason as I'm not sick. I'm worried sick the whole day. I kept thinking about him and if I can, I felt like I just want to  fly back to Sabah now and  go see him. But, I can't.

Hey you, since I can't be there on this very moment, then all I can do is pray for you.

Dear Lord, bless my friend, Andy who is now in the hospital. Bless him Lord, that he'll be given the courage and strength to get through this critical time. Bless his family members God, that they'll be given the strength and courage too, in  facing this obstacle of yours. Amen.

Get well soon, Andy.


  1. God bless him. im thinking of let us visit him when u girls r cming back. sbb skrg pun still cant visit kan..huhuh

  2. andy reo? seriously? hope that God will take good care of him...

  3. oooh..patutla status ym kamu begitu..jangan kamu pula jatuh sakit tau..lets pray together tht he'll get well soon..

  4. rai : ya. i agree with u.later wen everyone's home, let find some time and go visit him.

    zal : ya. seriously. let's pray hard. huhu

    aa : thx aa!.ya.let's pray together.