Monday, April 11, 2011

middle of the night..^^

today as tonight, mark the day as the end of my so-called- peaceful study week.. tomorrow 12/4/2011, is my first final exam paper for this semester, which is orthopedics and surgery..

* Dear Lord, I pray that I'll be able to do the very best of my ability for this semester's exam. Amen. *

Here I am, in the middle of the night, still surfing ( instead of studying..~huh!) while everyone are struggling to the very end.. Actually, I've done with my readings + revisions + studies and I just need some air to clear things of my mind.. ( dear ortho's .. don't leave my tiny little brain during this process.. tq.. ^^)

Something seems not-really or feels- right recently .. I'm suggesting  this occur due to the exam mode..  firstly, my apology la if any of you guys are related.. nowadays, I mean recently, I tend to kacau2 orang.. searching for someone to have a chat with n etc la.. I'm sorry.. maybe I get bored with studying easily.. ( I, Winnie Irene, guilty as charge!.. haha~)

anyway, I'm off to bed for now.  wish me luck! 

Will you have  a  chat with me? p/s: you don't even know it's you I'm talking about.. ;-)


  1. hoho winn. It IS due to the exam mode! ;) don't worry. do ur very best! jgn lupa abl bfast. bfast sgt pnting blg bonda :D

    rai xx

  2. ya.. i figured it must be the exam syndrome lately.. hehe.. ya.. bfast is mmg anak bonda yg mendengar kata beliau.haha.=)

  3. all the best Winn :) I think I know the feeling....when you've studied too much (i think)....that you are saturated....and need a breather :) Anyway, God will be with you, yeah :)

  4. bagus kalau btul2 saturated kn..haha.. sabo ja la. x sabar mo abs ekjem ni.. anyway, thx 4 d support kio. =)