Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank God,.. I've done with two papers.. orthopedics and OT peads.. what a relief.. huh!.. 

* next paper : peads , o n m.. - running out the passion and desire to study for these two papers..dush3!*

Study group . it really helps actually.. all I remembered was the faces of my friend talking and explaining stuffs.. but the stuffs? not in mind.. haha! ( * sorry la kengkawan*)

Once again, prepared for the worst, then in the end, only the simple thing yang keluar.. I've expected that the ortho's questions would be the complicated case one.. e.g. tendon cut, fractures, nerve injury.. or any conditions considered complicated... skali tu keluar. CTS.. RA.. hahaha... *unexplainable thoughts running in my mind on that very moment *... but still, I managed to answer them.. not to say like saya minta puji la trip konfiden or what but at least, I've revised and studied all the questions.. so, no regrets la! ^^

OT peads! huh! first time dealing with this paper.. if the night before, I feel like wanna crack my head bang myself  on the wall.. actually feeling like wanting to explode la. I'm not sure what are the main reasons behind.. saturated with info?? naa~ I don't think so.. even though I admit that I do feel like want to spill out aka muntah. overstudy? I guess..  then, the exams was in the afternoon, a bit like hell in the mean time.. I guess, I just cant wait to just express everything out.. haha! feeling restless for a few hours.. 

Sleep on it!.. that's the thing I usually do when I'm not in the mood.. yah! I slept early last night..couldn't bare to see the notes.. huh!

the questions!haha! this time around, soalan2 OT peads sangat menguji kebolehan saya melukis.. I just hope that the examiner wouldnt laugh at my drawings.. I'm not even sure if it is still considered as a drawing.. haha!
I can't even master the art of drawing a simple normal person ( a simple one la.!), then how on earth you would expect me to draw a posture of a CP spastic children vs. a hypotonic Down Syndrome??? .. hell to the NO!.. but actually, after spending for about almost an hour for that kind of drawing, I managed to draw these two types la.. Thank God.. but surely, it is not gonna enter any drawing competition.. * I have no talent in this type of skill.. ~ hehe~*

Finish with these two papers, I now developed this syndrome perasan-habis-exam.! what a pity.. should I bang my head on the wall? ahahaha.. no, thank you. sorry..not my fault, I cant help it.hahah! but, I'll try keeping myself together to study for these two last papers. hope it worked!

laughing makes it better in times of feeling down and stress,. I've tried it and it worked!

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