Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my little dress

I was hanging around Sungei Wang a few days before, accompanying my friend buying stuffs for her family. We went to the Kid's Department and I spotted some few beautiful dresses. Then, it suddenly reminds me of myself when I was a little girl. ( not to mention, a cute one..haha!)

I'm the only girl in the family, I mean in my siblings  la. Just like any other mother in the world, my mummy loves to buy her only daughter all the beautiful, cute and pretty dresses just so to make me much cuter and prettier. haha! sindrom perasan suda melanda diri ini.

Since I'm so white  ( haha! ) putih la kenen, and small in size, compare to the other girls yang same age with me, my mummy would buy me those dresses red or yellow in color. My mummy said so that I look much whiter la. haha!

But then, it is the side effects of being the only girl in the family and surrounded by guys - I think. I soo don't like wearing gowns or dresses. I prefer wearing pants and shirts. So you see, all my dresses looks brand new because  I rarely wear them. In short, memang bole jual balik la.

I like pink color! yeay~

After that, my mummy pun jarang-jarang suda beli gown, because she knew, it would be a waste of money.  Saya memang tidak suka pakai gaun ba! hehe. *sorry mummy*

But then, after seeing "The Sound of Music"., (u guys should watch this movie!)  everything changes la. I fell in love with this movie, ended up in watching several times and still, at the age of 22, I had never get bored of watching the movie.
Actually, I didn't even remember this changes. My mummy told me the story way back then. After seeing the movie, I ended up addicted wearing dresses and gowns. I would wear them 24/7 ( mami saya cakap la.haha!)
That's just the inside story. Up till now, I'm still trying to develop the feeling of like-wearing-dress. haha!


  1. sindrom the only daughter ba 2 winn. sy pn dulu lgsg xmau pki gown ni. nangis2 lg kna pksa smbil ty 'np abg x pakai gaun?' hahahahaha. mulauuuuu.

    but what made me wear gowns, i think cinderella kli. wahahaha.

    unfortunately, i don't like wearing dresses lg bila suda bsar. joyah sisters jg laaa. so much in commons. ;D

  2. hahaha..... sy suka pakai gown :) smpi skg..... muahahaha..... wlupun kaki x santik..... body pun menggeleber...... sy suka jg.... tp, pakai tapuk2 la.... muahaha :)

  3. rai : haha. maybe la ho.sindrom the only daughter. mo ckp rockers, x juga.haha.

    zal: hehehe.. rilek la jajal.yakin syak ba. tu yg penting.hehe. pakai sja d khalayak umum ba. tosa la kc tapuk2 lg..waawawawawa.. =)