Monday, May 2, 2011

-heart of joys-

days has been perfectly amazing and wonderful. yeay! . lots of precious moments captured in pictures and I just soooo in love with the pictures.

let me put them in an easy way ; events are arranged according to sequence.

1) Pesona Retro & Tradisional, Malam Seribu Bintang : 30/04/2011

Mentioned above is the theme of the night. Main mission on that night was to eat as much as I can- haha!        ( buffet ma) , hope the performance goes well and of course, to enjoy.!!.. well, I did enjoy eating and ya, the performance goes well. The unexpected things happen : I was choosen  as the Queen of the night - OMG! and then secondly, I won the lucky draw which I rarely did. But, anyway I'm totally grateful - guess luck was on my side that night. haha!

some of the pictures~!

2) Weekend with the Joyahs' aka Sumandakz : 01/05 - 02/05/2011

Last seen - somewhere around March / April 2007, and now almost 4 years la - Neavinee! one of the sumandakz  that I haven't seen for the longest time. Now that she's in Malaysia ( Melaka) , so it is much easier to gather around la. As usual, the main venue for sumandakz  gathering  is at Perdana, Shah Alam. This time, only the five of us - Aneys, Biyuk, Neavy , Teri and me. Although it was only the five of us, the joyah session was still awesome! weehuuu~. I did have a great time with them, with all the stories, laughter and of course, all in one is the kejoyahan altogether. *sumandakz rock!*


3) Movie session - Thor 3D : 02/05/2011

Firstly, thanks to Pidil. If it was not because of her, I wouldn't be watching this movie today. haha!. The movie was great especially when watching them in 3D. But then, only one thing la I so dislike, the ending. huhu~. Perhaps, there will be Thor 2. hmm. hope so.


  1. tahniah QUEEN!

    ko x sempat jmpa vey ka pla?

    nti la sy try tgk thor (online seja la)

  2. lucky you're.won and got the luckiest draw at the same time=)

  3. zal : terima kaseh kwn!haha.. pigi la tgk.
    yan : hehe.. ya la.. the unexpected one.=)