Friday, May 6, 2011

I ♥♥♥ mami!

Month of May! Soon will be a Mother's Day and my Mami's birthday. But, poor me, I won't be home celebrating this day with my mami.. except for the birthday.. =(

Nevertheless, thanks to Mr . Technology. No matter how far you may be, phone calls, video calls, web cam and etc can connect you with your loved ones. So, be sure to call your mum on this wonderful day ya!

So, where to start??

Mami saya chubby2 orangnya. haha! in fact, I think she's cute . hehe. .     ( ^_~)

Oh ya.! First of all, I want to thank my mami for everything. I know , words are far beyond enough to express how grateful I am of having you, but mami, THANK YOU!. 

While all the other baby in the world was delivered normally, I myself  was Cesarean. I'm sure you know what Cesarean delivery is right??.. Besides being delivered Cesarean, I was born two weeks earlier than expected  ( but I forgot to ask my mami whether I'm considered as premature or not.haha!)

My mami is  a great and amazing person. I admired her courage and strength and I wish that someday, I have that gift within me. When life offers so many obstacles and circumstances, she faces them calmly.

She is a good listener. She listens to every words I say 'though some of them not make sense at all. She supports me in everything I do.

'Though she's not always there for me, I mean physically since I'm stuck here in Peninsular, but I know I can count on her anytime I want.

The best part is that, my mami is soo very sporting. I can share almost everything with her even the love-life matters. ( since most daughters are a bit shy when it comes to this, but for me, is ok! hehe~) . She'll listen to it and I just love to hear when she relates my story to her story. ( dia pun automatically cerita la kisah2 time zaman kegemilangan dia.haha! and oh ya, she also told me how she met my father.lalalala~)

There was one time, it  was a day before I'm leaving for KL . My family held a small gathering, more like a prayer for me before I go back to KL . She insist of  having my boyfriend ( ketika masi berboipren la..haha!) coming to the house  for the prayers. Saya pula yang jadi malu kan.haha!

And these days, since I'm so single and available, I prefer the term independent and available actually, haha!, she always tease me., like " ih.. kesian juga anak saya ni, xda orang mau"... "ko ni btul2 xda bf ka smpi skrg?".. and a lot more la.. haha~ funny.. lalalalalala~

Okay, enough with that. 

Mami, Sorry for everything. My words, actions or behavior may have hurt you in many ways that I, myself is unaware of it. Sorry.

*Dear Lord, I pray for your abundant blessings to all the mothers in the world, especially my mother. Grant them the best health ever, courage and strength in handling their daily lives as the wife to their husband and a mother to their children.Amen *

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