Monday, May 16, 2011

OT it is!!

I was having dinner with my family members the other night and suddenly met an old friend of mine with his gf in the same restaurant.       ( he was my former classmate)

Yah.. the usual things happen when you met an old friend of yours,.. tanya2  khabar  la kan.. updating each others latest information. hoho~!

And it strikes me right in the heart when he said that, " ala, sayangnya ko bukan farmasi".. oh, but, I got that covered.

It reminds me back of how I used to be so fond + addicted + dreaming of becoming a pharmacist one day. I'd imagined myself being a successful pharmacist but I didn't.

Those days ( when I knew I didn't get a pharmacy course), was the most saddest and frustrated moments of my life. I feel like quitting without thinking what are the upcoming consequences I might face later on. But, I'm extremely grateful for having such a caring and supportive family members as well as my friends around me. Thanks guys! I couldn't make it till now without you all. (^_^)

I am a  future OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST . ( purposely written in capital letters.hoho!)

Early months in UKM, I admit, I was having trouble in accepting the fact that I got this course. But, God's grace is amazing. Though' it took me months and months to grow love on being an OT, in the end, I'm sooo in it. I now believe that, everything happens for a reason.

What made me change my mind on OT.. OT roles can be seen everywhere. Besides, it deals with various individual, for example like pediatrics          ( children) , psychiatry , geriatric ( elderly people). Plus, when I came to look at my surroundings especially within my family, it is related. They sure need an OT in the family. hoho! *trip perasan jap.lalalala~*

It disappoint me that when people ask me about my course, they seem to have never heard them. 
( OT has been  more than 50 years here in Malaysia - huhu.). Well, I admit I have never heard of it before, but now I do, and I'm in it. 

So, I would like to take this opportunity to market myself.. oopps! not me.. Occupational therapy la.hoho~

Occupational therapy aka Pemulihan Carakerja ( this one you would see if you come to the hospital and most hospital, in which I've gone to clinical attachments, the department is next to Physio department, except for Malacca General Hosp.)

Main domains of concern in OT are Activity of  Daily Living (ADL), Work and Leisure - optimizing independence, productivity and quality of life in one's individual.

Once diagnosed or having impairments that may limit a client's ability to perform independently in those domains, OT will perform an assessment to see much more detail on client's performance and intervention planning.

Besides that, OT will also perform an assessment  on the client's surroundings such as his home, work place or school to enable client to be independent despite of the impairment or disability they have. OT may suggest a home modification or the use of adaptive and assisstive devices.

Here comes the intervention part. In OT, intervention is implemented in a purposeful activity. Sure , you guys are a bit blur what do I mean by purposeful activity. Okay! a simple example. A client with fracture on his wrist. After a period of immobilization, the wrist need to be strengthen as its previous condition. Besides of using a wrist exerciser/ theraputty, client can also do the same by doing house chores such as washing dishes. The purposeful activity here is the washing dishes. Oh!.I hope that you guys understand.hehe~

That's just  the surface info on what OT is. If you need to know more, please do so - google. hoho!

And to the OT's who read this and feel that something is not right or not enough with the information, do comment and correct me. I'm still in the process of learning.

I'm proud to be an OT!  Let OT rules the world! yeah~


  1. Jgn la kasi OT rule the whole world winn....nti, where will be the pieces for teachers like us? pun mo *tompang* skaki jg :)wahahahaa Anyway, yeah! I think OT is a great profession. So, you are right in being proud of it. U-go-girl! (*lagu lee-hyori*) :)

  2. o yeah. hahaha.. x la ba rule btl2.. at least OT is well known la especially here in Msia. yaya.. hepi teacher's day! hoho..!

  3. nah, watever ur profession pun, ok bah yg pntg u do ur job honestly and properly. Oh, and i want to become a wedding planner :D hahahaha. for me, suma profession pun is respectable. except yg negative la of course. hohoho.

    OT rocks!

  4. a big WOW! for u dear..
    superb explanation..patut letak dalam hasil carian google so thnat whenever people search about OT,they get good explanation,like urs!

  5. haha.. thx.. do correct or add anything if the information is not enough.. haha.. too big for google i guess.. hoho