Sunday, May 22, 2011

two weeks so-called-holiday !

oh. it's been almost two weeks so- called-holiday-ing! .  most of the time spent at home. becoming a houseNOTwife ( sy pinjam term ini dr Miss Tiara ! ) In short, mostly, I'm feeling bored to death up till the stage that I feel, tidak lama lagi mo expire sda duduk rumah. huhu. 

But, thank God. I survived. hoho ! !

Being boring is considered as my unhappiest moment. Plus, I've lost my digi phone.. huhu.. =(. Mourning for my handphone for almost two days in a row.. I can say.. kalah-kalah orang yg putus cinta o.Frust menonggeng yg teramat. I hope the one who found it, didn't use any of the pictures nor images inside for bad purpose. huhu.

Okay! enough for the unhappy stuffs. Now, the interesting one. I guess . hoho . (^_~)

I've thought of doing a part time job this semester break since the hols is about 4 months. Luckily, I got one. As a part time tutor. hoho! great. though the pay is not that much, but so far, I enjoyed it. yg penting experience ba kan.. neh!

Since I've spent most of my time at home, I have this new interest. I guess !.. playing with my Bobo. Cute one!
family dinner. haha!
My aunt just drop a box  full of story books. These are one of them. I'm a great fan of Enid Blyton. hoho!

Need to prepare for tomorrow - my first day of LI. Hope that everything goes well. Amen.

Till then, have a good day everyone. (^_^)


  1. Bobo sangat comel! All the best with LI :)

  2. mel : around2 kk ja. hoho
    zal : thx. hehe.. mekasi. dia mmg comel cm sy . ahahha

  3. enid blyton. rindu nya time budak2. hahaha

  4. sy x pernah get bored o dgn kisah2 dongeng enid blyton ni. siokk!hehe

  5. saya suka enid blyton jugak..
    in fact..
    emak saya pun!sampai sekarang emak saya suka suruh adik saya pinjam enid blyton dari library awam dekat rumah..

    how's ur LI?
    n..jadi tutor?wow..kat mana tu?

  6. aa! how are u??? LI ok sja.. first week tu buat clerical work la.. pemfailan permohonan kad OKU.. then ada bt home visit skit.. hoho.. how's urs?? ya.. tutor.. kat pekan sja. hohoo.. =)