Thursday, July 28, 2011

P stands for ?

P stands for? perempuan cantik, pintar. . haha! P stands for Percubaan!

Last night, my dad was asking me this question , "Nak, kabarani ko drive siso moi lo KK ka? " (it's in dusun actually, but you may spot some grammar error . hoho!) 

Then, I was like blur for a while. ( Usually, I have my mum sitting on the passenger seat whenever I'm driving outside Tuaran - meaning to say, never been alone . )

But  since the other moving object a.k.a kembara is still in the workshop, so there's only left Mr Kancil to move around.. and now that everyone at home own a driving license ( 4 person vs 1 car), so each and everyone of us need to be considerate, being tolerate and sharing - lah! Surely, we don't have the same thing, I mean the same function that we need  to attend.. either one of us stayed at home or take a bus la.! hoho, how pity is the situation kan?? 

Never mind, sharing is caring. Might as well save some gas since only one car left. hoho!

Tidak pun, wait till I won the lottery ticket, I'd buy a Honda Jazz!hoho. ( FYI, Honda Jazz is my fav car . *hmm. beli numbur pun x pernah, apa kan lagi mo harap menang. duh!*)

My dad was having a meeting today. But, at the same time, my mum was going  to school. So, today, I was their driver. We sent my dad first and then my mum. Once my dad finish his meeting, I picked him up.

The alone part was, when I was driving back to the city to pick my dad. Once again, ALONE and FIRST TIME. Thanks God, I reached there and get back home safely. :)

These are some easy  principles or things that I always hold on to when I'm driving ;

oh! before starting any journey, don't forget to PRAY. 

1- Firstly, be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS. Without them, you couldn't even move the car outside of the house.

2- Secondly,be EXTRA CAREFUL and ALERT.

3- Last but not least, make sure YOU DON'T HIT PEOPLE'S CAR or THEY HIT YOU. 

Just chill and relax. hoho! I applied these la kalau saya, but then, up to you guys la . mana- mana yang kmurg rasa comfortable and selamat time driving.

And then, I got another driving lesson today. Driving lesson with a P! haha. Since,  I'm not familiar with the KK routes, my dad decided to give me a some kind of  like "you-drive wherever you want to- and- I- show - you - the- way " driving lessons. haha! interesting right? besa la klu budak baru belajar jalan2 KK ni, dua kali ba salah masuk lane. hoho! it's okay, practices makes perfect. :)

okeh.! mari kita mencuci mata.

coke! for a late lunch!

this was my lunch. I had no  appetite eating rice. so I took this!

okey! enough for tonight. seeing the picture makes me hungry. tapun. :(

Sunday, July 24, 2011

holiday part 2

actually, there's a lot to write about. but then, I just don't the have the kind of idea yang mencurah-curah ni.. just like I used to. hoho~

and , plus , saya malas. haha~

I was fb-ing the other day, stalking through people's wall., and I found someone's blog. the blog belongs to a she ( perempuan la ba maksud saya tu. hoho!) . the main point here is, I had fun reading her blog and  I got inspired. being inspired is not enough when you didn't start writing right? duh! &^%#@&(

holiday part 2.. I'm still a permanent amah - houseNOTwife at home. so far, no one is interested to take over my post here, at home. haha! no one , I bet.!

I've had my breakdown moments recently, but I've buried , throw them away jauh-jauh. there's no need to keep on hanging and clinging to them. haha! 

it's a good thing actually, because those moments made me think. for this last hols as a student, I want to make the very best out of it. if it possible and of course can la, I want to learn as much as I can - gain skills, fix what so ever "not-so- right" within me, be nice to people around me ( this kinda hard a bit, because I have this some negative feelings towards certain people.huhu!). in short, all the right things la. haha! ( kan senang, cakap begitu seja, mau jg bebunga2. hahaha)

I've been so rajin visiting youtube this hols. listening to songs especially the cover one. got this one cover - right next to you. in the vid, a guy was playing a guitar . ( ehem2, jan sala faham okay! bukan saya tertarik dgn guitarist dia pn. haha!) another being - inspired moment here. I suddenly felt like want to learn to play a guitar.  currently, I don't have even a tiny bit talent in musical instruments and how I wish I had. I used to go  to organ classes during my childhood but I didn't even finish them. *regret mode suda ini*

and then, I wanted to learn and polish my sewing skill. u see, sewing using the machine, - I sooo need to learn them in order for me to survive my final year as an OT student. so, I've told my aunt ( she's an expert in this matter) and has agreed to help me out. thanx! :). okay, off we go to my other aunt's house for this learning session. the first thing I tried sewing was an apron. oh, my sewing skills - speechless. *klu la ada ujian menjahit untuk mo pilih calon isteri, sure la saya the first one yang kena rejek!haha!* jahitan x lurus, jarum mesin patah, benang balik2 putus, I can't even balance the pedal - pedal kaitu ar? haha. paduli la!

okay, I need to attend more session of the class. phew!

oh ya, another sewing stuff that I learned .doing the linangkit- corak benang di baju tradisi. it was tiring, but still I got so addicted in doing it.

 this is the linangkit I've told u. but, it's not complete yet. hoho!

it is holiday, but still I need to start doing my thesis. oh ya, I haven't told u guys about my thesis rite? here's the title.

"perspektif individu dengan kecederaan saraf tunjang mengenai seksualiti dan kefungsian seksual :pendekatan ulasan sistematik"

yup. it is in malay. hoho!

so, for the time being, I need to search and read all the journals related., do a mind map draft and of course the proposal. need to send them as soon as the semester open. so, u see, I'm a houseNOTwife with a thesis waiting for me. haha! but, I like my title. it's interesting. hopefully, no more changes of title la. because i'm so in with this title already. I really hope that everything's going to be fine with this thesis stuff!

okay! that's enough for today's entri. I hope that I'd be given the kerajinan to write up some more. hoho. take care. happy holiday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

R E V I V E !

Previous post of mine - Unfair, Greed, Stupid, Jealousy, Mad, Pity, Frustrated, Disappointed 

Screw you ! Booo! Shhhhuuuuuuu.! Go Away!

Enough with the hell I've felt for the past few days.From now on, I- Winnifred Irene Linggu , will try everything to the VERY BEST OF MY ABILITY, INDEPENDENT, and HAPPY. * yeeehhaaaaa*

Life is too precious to be wasted only to think of people who doesn't even think of you even a second, to feel disappointed over silly things and so much more. So, I will be living my life to the fullest.hoho!                                   

- happy thoughts no matter what-

I don't play any music instruments, I'm not the girl who people would fall for when seeing me  for the first time, I don't master the art of make-ups or hair do, I'm not a fashionista, I don't even own a figure where all the other girls have been dreaming of but I am deeply grateful of being me. Well, nobody's perfect rite? heee.

My besties once said, not everyone is in a relationship-dependent (thanx Rai.! I love you!).It is indeed, so TRUE. Proudly saying, I'm independent and available. ( single is no longer the appropriate term here though! haha~). I'm okay with it. Now, it's the time to just follow the flow. hoho. Because everything is in God's hand. So, I deliver everything unto Him la. Praise the Lord.!

That's okay!I have you, that's all I need. You - yes you!

I'm not alone because I still have you! you - my dear Lord, wonderful family and amazing friends around me. Talk about support. hey! they are the greatest support I had ever have. I love you guys. You are my world!

So, whatever happens, I still have them. Amen.  

Friday, July 15, 2011

That's okay..I have you, that's all I need

"That's okay.. I have you, that's all I need " - Gossip Girl , Season 4 - Ep. 8

Addicted to Gossip Girl ? yah, you could say that.. so - so la. *giggles* 

Frankly speaking, I'm a little bit down  recently. Still with the same silly reason that I've been trying to get rid of but still failed to do so. *sigh*

When will life gets better ? huh.

Unfair, Greed, Stupid, Jealousy, Mad, Pity, Frustrated, Disappointed - do lend me an eraser please. I need to get rid of these . 

Breath in, Breath out. I can do this. I'm way stronger than this. I may have lost once, and I did, regret them. But, let it be. I won't turn back no more.

That's okay.. I have you., that's all I need.  - Thanks dear Lord, for the gifts of having such a wonderful family and friends right next to me. They are the greatest gifts that I have ever have. 

Thanks guys! you rock my world. =)

Monday, July 4, 2011

holiday part 1

first of all, my apology. I haven't been able to update my blog to the latest and current activities that I'm in now. Not that I'm  soooo super busy but you see, being a so-called-amah really do encourage me not to really have time scribbling on my own blog space.. a.k.a malas.. heeee. (^_~)

dear family! too bad being a photographer cuz' I'm not in it.. 
One of the most favorite moment I had in a month is at the end of the month. Guess what??? hohoo.. It's my family gathering. Not the all - big family, only the Bukut clan a.k.a my father's siblings. I don't know why, but I feel contented and I just really love seeing all many people that I know gathered together. So, this is the June's gathering. We were celebrating the parent's day and anyone who was born on that month. One thing special on this day, I mean this June edition of family gathering was that, we managed to persuade our grandmother (my father's mother), the one in the yellow shirt to come, take pictures and eat together. Usually, she won't join us. . and to make it more interesting, she was smiling in that picture.. wow!~

 nice is it?? see the sunlight. hoho
Last weekend, could say, I am fully occupied. haha ! Being a tutor half of the day.. and the other half became a farmer.. haha! well.. pictures tells a thousand words aite.. ? so , here's  a few la..

kami sedang menanam padi. hoho.
Inilah first time saya mongutus tusok (mencabut anak padi?? - err,.. betul ka tu??), mongimbasiu (membuka bhg2 yg kering dan rosak . kn?) dan mananom parai (menanam padi). . haha! great experience.. glad to be born and raised as a Dusun... haha!.. But, then it was very tiring. huhu. I think I slept early that night. 

I think that's enough for today's entri. haha! take care!