Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chapter 9

Hello, Chapter 9.

As always, when it comes to September, many people would post on their Facebook as :

 "Wake me up when September ends"


" September, be nice to me."

Actually, I was one of them. My favourite status would be the second one, the be-nice-to- me. Haha. 

But then, there was a time, I saw this someone posted on Facebook, saying - " Why would you ask the month to be nice with you ??" and I was like, "Hell, yeah". Why would I ask the month to be nice to me when I'm the one who have the control of what I want my September to be? I mean with God's guide and blessings, of course. Right? Hehe.

Anyway, and hopefully, we would have a blessed and joyful Chapter 9 aka September. I will, because I have a lots of stuff planned for September. Looking forward!

Keep calm and have peace!

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