Monday, August 31, 2015

Life Goals

I saw this few days ago on Facebook. Decided to save it and shared it on my inside story today.

Surely, most of us have our own life goals. Despite my quarter-life-crisis that is on-going now, deep down, I still have this goals that I wanted to achieve in life.

1. Graduate college

Thank God. I graduated from UKM about 3 years ago. Time flies fast, eh? I've managed to survive the uni student life for 4 years and able to get my degree scroll. Life goals 1 - Checked!

2. Find a decent job

Of course, once graduated, everybody's dream is to find a decent job. Well, for me, I've been through few moments of being jobless, not in the right and decent job before I'm in my place now. But still, this is something to be thankful to. I'm indeed grateful for my job today, but I do hope that better job opportunity would come my way soon. Amen. Life goals 2 - Checked!

3. Pay my parents back for the sacrifices they made

For this one, I have to say no. Nope, I haven't pay my parents for the sacrifices they made for me. In fact, I could never repay them. The sacrifices that they made could and will never be repay in monetary terms. Well, though you can repay them in so many ways, but still I don't think it will ever be sufficient. Life goals 3 - Not yet : (

4. Save a lot of money

Moneyyyy! Hot stuff. Hehe. I'm in the process now. Last time I checked, my money haven't grow to the amount that I wanted yet (with so many zero at the back.Haha!). Wish that I have a money tree to grow them. Life goals 4 - On going :)

5. Travel around the world with friends/family

Well, not around the world but few places already. Next destination : Cebu City, Philippines.
Life goals 5 - On going :)

6. Help the less fortunate (Donate for charity/orphanage and etc)

See those people that sometimes sits on the hallway, sleeps on the street or come to you while you're having your meal - I have always been hesitant to these person. I thought that they are connected or related to some kind of scheme or what ever lah. So, honestly, I rarely give them the money. But still, I did  donate for some other unexpected events. Like the Sabah earthquake.Need to practice  giving more to people who really needs it. Life goals 6 - On going :)

7. Get married (If it God's plan)

My ultimate desire. I've prayed for this things to happen. But now, I feel like 50-50. If it God's plan for me, to get married, then I believe it would happen. If it's not, help me God to just be content and grateful for the life-callings that is meant for me. Life goals 7 - Uncertain.

How's yours?

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