Sunday, July 19, 2015

Quarter Life Crisis Checklist

I'm still in my  being 20's life issues. When will this end? *Phew. I know, I'm not alone in this so called season but for now, I haven't met someone close to me, that is also experiencing this kind of issues. Because, if I do find that someone, pep talk perhaps? ( Pep talk? Hmm. )

So, I've been doing some readings to really dig deeper into this quarter life crisis; and here I found a 25 checklist. Feel free to check yours. :)

1. Have you gotten your dream job?
To be exact, I've always wanted to be a Pharmacist since I was in Form 4. But, I believe God has another plan for me - I'm now an Occupational Therapist. I'm in the job. But, another but here. To say that this is the dream job for me, no. Not at all. I've always dream of working as an Occupational Therapist in a government sector. So, it's a no then. I haven't gotten my dream job. Soon maybe.

2. Have you tried pursuing (at least) your dream job ?
Yes, I did. I tried twice. Luck was not on my side, I guess on that moment. Good things happen when you patiently wait for it. I always have my faith in God that someday, I will enter the government sector. God's timing is always perfect.

3. Have your opened a savings account in your name that really is  for "saving"?
Yes, I have one. I opened my ASB account back in 2011. I've been inspired by my course mates. I may not be able to chip in to it every month for now but still, something to count on to when I'm in need.

4. Do you consider yourself independent? Responsible? In all aspects?
My ugly truth - No. I still have a lot of things to learn and honestly speaking, I won't be able to face it alone. Currently, I see myself mostly still depending on my parents - the very obvious reason is because of financial aspect. Not that I need to ask them for every little penny on the things that I wanted, but they do play a major role in this matter.

5.  Are you pleased with your current job? Does it give your fulfillment?
Well, for this one, I have to say that it's a yes and no. It is a yes when I feel that I've tried my very best in treating my client aka patient. No, because there are times that I just wish I have another job other then this.

6. Have your pursued your passion/s?
Yup. I love musics, arts and crafts, blogging. I've been doing all that now.

7.  Are your passionate about your partner and  your relationship?
I thanked God for my partner. I remember back then when I used to pray hard for one. But then, I'm a bit confused for now. Is he the one? How can you really know he's the one ?

8. Have you found your friend for keeps?
I did. You know who you are. We may need not to be in contact for 24/7, but deep down inside, I know that you'll stand by me.

9. Do you have your own place? Your own little sanctuary?
I only have my bedroom for now. I would love to have my own house and do the paintings but yeah, not yet.

10. Can you keep a pet ? Like for a lifetime?
I don't think I can keep one. Not for a lifetime.

11. Are you confident with your skin?
Indeed. No doubts.

12. Would you say that you've taken a good care of yourself? Are you in good shape?
I don't think so. I'm fully aware the needs and importance of eating right + being physically active but I couldn't convince myself to do so. Good shape? Not so.

13. Have you seen one of your dream destinations?
I don't have one. Haha. Too bad.

14. Have you experienced air travel ? sea travel ?
Yes, I did experience both.

15. Have you learnt that language you've been wanting to be fluent in for ages?
I am learning. Mandarin language. Hehe

16. Have you made your parents proud? Have you made yourself proud?
I may not know what are their criteria's of being proud, but I guess, I did. For myself, I haven't reach to the goals that I wanted in life, but yeah, I'm proud of being me.

17. Have you invested on improving your skills/talents?
Is mandarin and piano class considered as one? because if it's a yes, then I am investing now.

18.  Have you gone on what  you'd consider your most thrilling adventure yet?
I think I did. I, for once not that eager to climb Mount Kinabalu but I managed to go against my so-called- thinking. I conquered Aki Nabalu!

19. Do you like what you see in the mirror? Is she beautiful?
I love what I see in the mirror. She is indeed beautiful in her own way. Although I 'm hoping that I'm a bit skinnier but deep down inside, I'm extremely grateful.

20. Have you finished that book that's been sitting on your bedside table for years?
Yes, I finished them all this year.

21.  Have you outgrown your teenage shitty habits?
I'm not sure about this one.

22. Have you done half ( or been half) of what you've resolved to be your New Year's resolution/s?
It won't be half, but I'm working on it.

23. Have your stood up to your bullies?
Thank God. So far, I haven't met one.

24. Have you forgiven those who hurt you?
In the process, I guess.

25. Are you happy with the person you've become?
I am happy, because I know, God's plan for me is indeed wonderful.

How's yours then?

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