Monday, July 6, 2015

Self Reminder - Loved ones

 Family is everything.
This is something you’ve heard countless times from your parents and other grownups when you were just a few feet old but you’ve really learned its essence to the core of your being when you’ve spent years away from home while trying to chase after what the future holds for you. You learned that your mother really is the superwoman in your life without the red and yellow costume you’ve drawn and imagined her to be when you submitted your second grade homework. You learned that your sibling is the greatest ally you can have, no matter your differences. You learned of the grave difficulty your parent/s has/have gone through just so you can have a comfortable life after receiving your paychecks that were earned through a month’s worth of petty issues at work, fatigue, emotional distress, questioning of self-worth and so much more but you still have to show up because yeah, this is life. You respect your parents more because of that. You learned that at the end of the day, the sweetest idea will always be that you will always have somewhere to go and your most favorite people in the world are there waiting for you.

I am 25 and a few more months to 26. Grown up women, eh? 

Well, honestly speaking - Yes, I've come to realize that family is everything to me. Not that I don't see it before reaching 25 but being 25 ++ is like, certain things has becoming much more clearer to me. Probably because, it's who I am today.

Often, these days we tend to spend more time on our work and of course, enjoying life as a grown up single women. Being grown up single women in your 20's is like soooo great. You have a job, you have the money and you're in the age where freedom is all yours. Amazing, isn't it? (p/s: This includes me, enjoying my 20's. So, worry not. I'm not being sarcastic here)

We're so caught up with our own commitment that we, in the end spend lesser time with our family, to be exact, our parents. They're getting older and won't be around that long. We may not be able to repay what they've given to us but the very least that we can do is to spend more time with them. Of course, they won't expect you to be there for 24/7, but then, always put them among your top priorities.

Lord, I pray for your guidance and blessings showered upon both of my parents. May they be given the best health, strength and courage to live this life. Amen.

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