Friday, June 19, 2015

Wedding Project

The big project  that I was talking about last February.  A wedding project. Yup. Not mine. But, I acted like mine. Hehe

The wedding!

Well, I've been planning this project since January. We (my team,aiseeeh! I mean the family) decided to do it DIY, just because of the nowadays expensive- GST thingy. Plus, all those ideas can be Google. So, why bother wasting for about 1.2 K just for a pelamin right?

You see, although I'm not the main picture here (the pengantin) but I still feel excited. I'm planning a wedding. A wedding. It is indeed exciting right?

At first, I thought of doing,  thinking + getting, I mean all the ideas from my magic brain. Unfortunately, being in a allied health professional background, I was aware that stress would soon creep in if I were to do it all by myself. So, I delegate. Brilliant, aite?

I will be doing the main deco + theme for the pelamin and the photobooth + registration is my cousin, Gc. I have faith in her as I see that she has the almost same level of thinking and ideas for the theme. Hoho. Thank God, my Aunty B, volunteer herself to do the wishing tree . Voila, all is set then. Hehe.

Oh. The theme is Vintage & Rustic.  Great, isn't it? Hehe

Table number, please? - the idea was to put a white sand. end up with not so white sand + polisterine. Hehe

Just like I've mentioned in my February post, I have a lot of ideas running, googled a lot of beautifully-DIY-vintage background but still, couldn't make up my mind on which one to do. Indecisive, much?  (ini baru wedding si abang, belum lagi wedding saya! Haha!)

In the end, I stick with my initial ideas - pastel paper pin wheel. the woods, and combine with pom pom.

I only managed to take these pictures, the night before the wedding. Too bad, didn't take during the actual day where all the sofa's and other deco were put in.

The other important aspect of wedding deco - wedding arch.This is actually was part of Anty B's effort, together with my cousin, Lilo. I know that she was really, like really into doing this DIY arch made from dried leaves or plants and all she wants was someone to do the frame. Unfortunately, no one was willing to and that actually disappoint  her. So, my dad suggested to just rent the frame and then just do the flower arrangements, etc - DIY.

Tadaaa! the DIY flower + dried gorouk ranting. Flower's actually from mami's retirement gift. Beautiful, isn'it? Still, didn't manage to take actual photos of the arch during the wedding. This photo is actually post wedding.

Another famous trend in nowadays event - Photobooth! But, honestly speaking this DIY photobooth is under utilized. Probably because of the weather - it was raining on that day. Never mind then. For me, the photobooth was beautifully amazing. Those crepe paper looks like they can be eaten. Haha.

Another post wedding shot. Phew! But, still those crepe paper color looks like something to eat. Haha.
Credits to Gc.

Planning a wedding is not easy. There is a lot of things need to be think of, done and etc. Doing it all alone also not easy. But, hey- I'm glad I have a team of very supportive, creative and wonderful people  around me. Thank you, dear families - especially Wakau Clan & Abun Sominding members.

Should anyone  interested with our art work, please, don't hesitate to contact us. Haha. Just Kidding!

Part of the team. Ignore my face yang macam baru bangun tu walaupun tidak. Hehe

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