Monday, June 15, 2015

Solidarity for Sabah

For the first time ever, 5th June 2015 with a magnitude of 6.0 at 7.15 am Earthquake struck Sabah. And this followed by another aftershocks  that still can be felt up till last Saturday, 13th June.

No one, especially Sabahan has ever thought that something would happen on that ordinary day. Everyone was one their usual routine. 

As for me, I had just arrive at my workplace,  alone and settling down while surfing the net. On that time, construction was doing their work upstairs. So, when the earthquake struck and with the tremors ( it is strong !), I acted fine and calm as I thought it was the construction doing the works. At one point, I realized , it's not. Nervousness creep inside of me. I hurriedly take my bag and went out from the building. I went outside and saw everyone was gathering there too. Check my whatsapp and everybody was talking about it. Phew*

I, at first never thought the one, up there climbing the Mount Kinabalu and on that time, I never thought the epicentre was from the mountain itself.

Honestly saying, I can't never imagine how does it feel for the family members at this moment of time, in losing their loved ones. Heartfelt condolences to them.

Let us all Sabahan be united in prayer. May this storm would pass.

Lord bless us, surrounds us with your grace during this hard time of ours.

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