Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Used to

Like we used to.

Ever experienced that?

I did. Actually, I just did read an old conversation with a close friend few days ago. I scroll back the conversation all the way from  year 2009 and our last chat was in 2013.

I consider him close, as he was there during the ups and downs in my uni years. Don't get me wrong. I'm not writing this to say or making me look like I'm cheating on my boyfriend. But, there are times that you suddenly wonder where have these people been, the ones that used to be in your life before this. Why haven't you guys maintain the conversation and all.

I was feeling this. I was wondering where have you been, how have you been doing, can we still have the conversations like before and etc. But, I'm extremely sure for one thing - that we may no longer have the conversation like we used to.

People always have that someone they turn to when they have a not-so-good day; or even a very great one. This one friend, is that - the one that I can turn to and share my story. Positively, he will listen to my complaints, crazy story patiently. At times, he would response in a way that  makes me feel that, "Oh, this is not that  bad after all".

Thank you, dear friend. With you, I did survive my uni life despite of all the craziness + toughness + stress being a student. Hehe. I just hope that someday, if our paths would cross again, I would definitely say thanks, you!  You've been part of my inside story.

I wish you well. ;)

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