Thursday, September 24, 2015

26 candles

Blowing 26 candles this year! Happy Birthday, dear self!

26. Wow. I'm 26 years old already. Frankly speaking, and as always (haha!)  I don't feel like 26. In a lot way to be exact. Being 26, comes with maturity, somewhat elegant image and etc but for me, I feel like those are the things that still a loooong way to go - Well, actually that's how I see the other 26 look like. So, when it comes to me, it feels like heaven and earth difference. But, still thank you, God. You're awesome.

26. People around would come to you and ask all those famous yet controversial and sensitive questions like - "Bila ko mo tunang, nak?" , "Eh, ko bila lagi? ko tingu si anu suda kawin." , "Ko xda plan mo kawin ka ni?"  and the list goes on. Surely, most of you has been through this.

 At times, I don't know how to answer them in the best way and perhaps a sarcastic way maybe. I would always end up say, "Oh, palan-palan ba anty. enjoy bujang dulu." or  " Tiada gia yang mau sy ni, x laku."  A very typical response. Haha.

I used to reply to these questions in a funnier way aka main-main plus laughing and etc. But deep down inside, I wonder to myself, when is actually my turn (haha!), what if I end up not getting married or don't want to get married  and a lot more. Complicated, much? Hehe

Anyway, skip that. Hehe.

Thank you Lord, for your wonderful and abundant blessing showered upon me. Thank you for my parents, raising me up to what I've become today. Thank you dearest families, who are always there to support me. Thank you friends, whoever and wherever you are maybe, you guys have been part of my inside story.

Of course, being a birthday girl today, I have lots of wishes. But for now Lord, I pray, wish and humbly seek for your guidance in knowing my life callings, to be given the wisdom to see and decide what's best for myself, and last but not least, to be contented and grateful. Amen.

Thank you Lord! You have always been there for me. Amen.

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