Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Interest

I've discovered my new interest - Travelling + Vacation. Hehe

Who doesn't love to travel right? 

Well, actually I'm not a big fan of it. Previously. But now, yeah, I should and will put in my checklist, that I need to go travel, at least - once a year.

Tumalog Waterfall, Oslob Philippines - Ex UKM
I just got back from Cebu Trip with my UKM mates. It was awesome. We used to be the the Jalan-Jalan Team back in Uni time and now, reunited for another jalan-jalan session. Hehe.

I was sick before departing to Cebu and it was actually ruined my mood a bit. Well, I've been looking forward to this trip, excited much and suddenly, a day before, I got flu attack + cough. Phew.

But, thank God. Although, I was sick, I was still able to enjoy my trip. By the second day, my flu was becoming much better.Only cough left.  But then, by the third day, I almost lost my voice. Not to say that I've had a sore throat but it was more because of the cough. So, for almost 3 days, I couldn't speak much up the point that I need help from my friend to order me my breakfast meal. So sad.

I need more holidays. Hehe. More updates, soon.

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