Wednesday, September 24, 2014

25 today!

Turning 25 today. Yippee! Hooray!! I'm officially 25 years old today.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for everything. I am more than blessed. Amen.

I found this article a few months ago and decided to bookmark it. For today's  inside story : 25 Things You Should Know About Turning 25

Feel free to read them . :)

Feeling a little bit different being officially 25 today. Previous birthdays, I've always looking forward how today may look like. But, not this year birthday, I guess. Today was just a typical day for me. Still, I am thankful to You, Lord.

I purposely didn't share my birth date on Facebook this year but still there were friends who posted birthday wishes on my wall. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. May the good Lord bless you too.! 

I am indeed truly, more than blessed with what I have now.  Birthday wishes for this year? Well, I just wish that I would have a stronger faith as a Christian, be courageous and always try to improve myself to be a better me. Amen.

Happy Birthday dear self! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Personality Test

 Is this the real me ? hmm.

This was one of the talk last Friday, and I enjoyed it. I may have been to this kind of talk previously but let's just say that this latest one, an opportunity to really getting to know the real me. :)

Well, just to summarize about the personality talk - according to Hippocrates philosophy (if I'm not mistaken) there are four types of personality among human. These are Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. All of us is actually a mixture / a blend of this 4 characters.

So, for me, I'm a mixture of Sanguine and Phlegmatic. Popular Sanguine and Peaceful Phlegmatic.

Understanding yourself  helps you to understand others better. Indeed. Although for now I may be able to understand and get to know myself well, still at some point, it's a bit difficult to understand others.

I pray to you Lord, may I'd be given the patience and wisdom to understand others more, just like I know myself well. Amen.

Friday, September 19, 2014

New job

Hi Ho! How have you been? Hopefully, this early September has been good to you .

Well, for me - this is a second week of a new job. Frankly speaking, the first week wasn't that good. I was feeling down, blur and yeah, was thinking of quitting (same old feeling when I first enter uni). But, I repeatedly try hard enough to tell myself that I'm in a process of adjusting and adapting - and that soon, I'll be just fine.

Oops. I haven't told you about my new job right? I'm still an OT - OT in a hospital setting. Totally a new area to be explored and of course new surroundings as well.

Thank God! Almost come to the end of second week today and I'm feeling much better . Thank you Lord. Amen.

As usual, people around keep asking me how is the new job. Well, couldn't say much as the real job hasn't even started yet. I still considered now as an orientation week. This is because the building hasn't fully completed yet - and thus our current task now is to do task presentations; which is actually super good as this is to refresh our long long time no see buried knowledge and skills. Hehe.

Okay, sleep time! Hehe. Till then, take care. :)

 Direct my steps O Lord, for You know what's best for me. Amen

Monday, September 1, 2014

1 year and more than a half. :)

I was going to blog last night before August ends but my sleepy level was higher than my blogging mood.

Anyway, Hello September! Favourite month of the year! Hehe

Well, September will be my new beginning of a new job. Thanks God for that. I should be starting my very first day tomorrow but there are still  a lot of unfinished business aka buzy-ness in Seri Mengasih, I need another week extra.

1 year and 8 months - here in Seri Mengasih Centre. Some might say, it was long enough but some might say, " Ah. Sekejap saja pun." Say it long enough nor sekejap saja pun, but I gained a lot. New friends, life lessons, getting to know the children and of course OT experience.

I remember, the moment when I was still a volunteer ( that was in 2012), I said to myself that I need to get this job. In short, I need to be part of Seri Mengasih. And yes, I did! on 2013, I nailed it. I'm in! 

First few months I was here, all I could think of was - this is only temporary, I'll get a better job later. But, as time passes by, I no longer think of the temporary ideas. I was like, "Yeah, this is it. I love it here. I love being with the kids and etc." So, that was actually motivates me and act as an catalyst to love my job even more.  ( So in love being an OT on that time. Hehe - I still do for now. Haha)

Actually, when I come to think of it again, it was quite a short stay, right? Haha. Because I was planning on being here for 2 years, but instead, only 1 year and 8 months. Never mind.

Being here for only 1 year and plus, I've experienced so many wonderful moments; with the kids, with my colleagues. And yes, knowing someone whom I'd never thought would be in my VIP list.

I laughed, I get scolded, I get angry, I cried - but all in all, Seri Mengasih had given me memories to treasure for a life time.

Thank you. Thanks a lot to everyone here in Seri Mengasih. Forgive me if my words, actions may have hurt you in ways that I may notice it or not. Till we meet again.

Closing event @ finale as an OT here in Seri Mengasih - Giant Sand Play . :)