Friday, September 19, 2014

New job

Hi Ho! How have you been? Hopefully, this early September has been good to you .

Well, for me - this is a second week of a new job. Frankly speaking, the first week wasn't that good. I was feeling down, blur and yeah, was thinking of quitting (same old feeling when I first enter uni). But, I repeatedly try hard enough to tell myself that I'm in a process of adjusting and adapting - and that soon, I'll be just fine.

Oops. I haven't told you about my new job right? I'm still an OT - OT in a hospital setting. Totally a new area to be explored and of course new surroundings as well.

Thank God! Almost come to the end of second week today and I'm feeling much better . Thank you Lord. Amen.

As usual, people around keep asking me how is the new job. Well, couldn't say much as the real job hasn't even started yet. I still considered now as an orientation week. This is because the building hasn't fully completed yet - and thus our current task now is to do task presentations; which is actually super good as this is to refresh our long long time no see buried knowledge and skills. Hehe.

Okay, sleep time! Hehe. Till then, take care. :)

 Direct my steps O Lord, for You know what's best for me. Amen

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