Wednesday, September 24, 2014

25 today!

Turning 25 today. Yippee! Hooray!! I'm officially 25 years old today.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for everything. I am more than blessed. Amen.

I found this article a few months ago and decided to bookmark it. For today's  inside story : 25 Things You Should Know About Turning 25

Feel free to read them . :)

Feeling a little bit different being officially 25 today. Previous birthdays, I've always looking forward how today may look like. But, not this year birthday, I guess. Today was just a typical day for me. Still, I am thankful to You, Lord.

I purposely didn't share my birth date on Facebook this year but still there were friends who posted birthday wishes on my wall. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. May the good Lord bless you too.! 

I am indeed truly, more than blessed with what I have now.  Birthday wishes for this year? Well, I just wish that I would have a stronger faith as a Christian, be courageous and always try to improve myself to be a better me. Amen.

Happy Birthday dear self! :)

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