Thursday, November 3, 2011

hidden dream

It's 11.54 pm - according to my lappy's clock. I'm still not sleepy but not in the mood to continue doing any academic stuffs. phew!~

*I bet you guys should be wondering why am I so damn free scribbling on my inside story wall , aite? - I'm on a 1 week unexpected holidays, yeay!*

Well, my story of hidden dream started like this : - jadilah beruang bersama saya @ pls bear with me.hoho!-

I don't have that superb + amazing + powerful  voice like Charice or Siti Nurhaliza but I can and love singing.! I used to represent my school few years back and unexpectedly, I won. ohemjih! Thanks Lord and to all who supported me back then.

I can spend hours and hours of singing (in a karaoke box! hoho) and not get tired with it. For you guys who did ever join me or I join you guys for karaoke, you should know then. :)

I don't really have a specific genre or type of songs that I like or loves to listen to. It's more like a chemistry actually - falling in love at the first sight; First time hearing then falling for it.

Once I fall for it, I'd go and search for this song ( download or etc) and play it over and over again until I hafal  already the lyric. gosh! :)

One thing special is that, whenever I listen to songs especially  from Geisha (Indonesian band) and Taylor Swift - I'd imagine myself on stage, singing live with the band behind me. Awesome kann??? hohoho.

So, the hidden dream here is that, I pictured myself singing in a band. Lead singer la konon. hoho!

I don't know how to play guitar, but I'm interested to learn. But, not sure if I still got the time to do that. huh!

So, anyone of you guys interested to form a band with me? hoho!

Selena Gomez and The Scene : gambar adalah hiasan semata-mata.hoho:)


  1. sy jd producer ja la winn. x jd pla plan sy time cuti dlu. hehe. nti kta bt :)

  2. haha. producer sama manager la zal. ko tulung cari suma tu band members. hoho.:)

  3. Sa jadi tukang sokong la. atau tukang main kerincing :P haha sa rasa ko ngam oh band macam lady antebellum. i luv your voice bebeh!

  4. haha. buli2. tukng men kerincing pun buli. iya. lady antebellum pn favret jg. tp mo kn cari voice lelaki lg la ni. hoho. thx bebeh!;)