Sunday, November 20, 2011

a heart - waver

hello everyone! here I am again. Suddenly, in the mood of exposing the inside story episode for today .


Ever experience a heart-waver?

waver - undecided over something

root word is wave - sudden occurrence or increase in feelings or emotion

well, honestly saying, I myself did experience this. Okay, when I think back again, this heart-waver-situations happens almost frequently, aite?

It's like when you have decided something, suddenly feel like, "ooh... arghhh.." and bla.. bla.. bla..


but for this episode, the heart-waver situation is a little bit different. (okay, think hard! haha!)

I'm currently in a so-called-Alice Wonderland world which my head is full with "What if " thoughts..

What if suddenly my heart, wave for this something ... ? hmm.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

random-lah sangat!

I finally got the answer after a long wait! phew! frankly saying, I was mad + frustrated once I knew it. So, don't blame me if I act a little bit differently than before. But, worry not, I'll get  over it soon enough. Eh, I already did! hehe! I just thought that it may be easier and much better if things were told directly to me. terus terang seja la, kan?

okay, enough with that! 

It's been two months already, doing my clinical posting. Yeay! another 3 more weeks to go! Yippee! I am soooo looking forward to the end of posting.

It's not that I don't enjoy doing my clinical placement, it's just that , I miss waking up late in the morning. ohemjih!. hohoho. Two days weekend seems not enough for me to wake up late. haha!

2011 has almost come to its end and frankly saying right now, I sooo miss my home town, and of course my loved ones back there. = (

happy weekend everyone! have a good one.! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

hidden dream

It's 11.54 pm - according to my lappy's clock. I'm still not sleepy but not in the mood to continue doing any academic stuffs. phew!~

*I bet you guys should be wondering why am I so damn free scribbling on my inside story wall , aite? - I'm on a 1 week unexpected holidays, yeay!*

Well, my story of hidden dream started like this : - jadilah beruang bersama saya @ pls bear with me.hoho!-

I don't have that superb + amazing + powerful  voice like Charice or Siti Nurhaliza but I can and love singing.! I used to represent my school few years back and unexpectedly, I won. ohemjih! Thanks Lord and to all who supported me back then.

I can spend hours and hours of singing (in a karaoke box! hoho) and not get tired with it. For you guys who did ever join me or I join you guys for karaoke, you should know then. :)

I don't really have a specific genre or type of songs that I like or loves to listen to. It's more like a chemistry actually - falling in love at the first sight; First time hearing then falling for it.

Once I fall for it, I'd go and search for this song ( download or etc) and play it over and over again until I hafal  already the lyric. gosh! :)

One thing special is that, whenever I listen to songs especially  from Geisha (Indonesian band) and Taylor Swift - I'd imagine myself on stage, singing live with the band behind me. Awesome kann??? hohoho.

So, the hidden dream here is that, I pictured myself singing in a band. Lead singer la konon. hoho!

I don't know how to play guitar, but I'm interested to learn. But, not sure if I still got the time to do that. huh!

So, anyone of you guys interested to form a band with me? hoho!

Selena Gomez and The Scene : gambar adalah hiasan semata-mata.hoho:)