Sunday, February 6, 2011

the unexpected event

Weeks before the holiday started, I had planned on studying and revising ortho and peads subject. But then, I only managed to study a few of the notes I've taken out ( not even half of 'em) as I was so addicted on watching the korean series my friend gave to me - My Girlfriend is a Nine Tail Fox.. If I'm not watching, I went out with the borneo gangs.. *see.. mana lagi masa mo belajar klu itu mcm kn..~ hmm*

Early morning, about 8 or 9 am on the 3rd of Feb 2011, I was calling my mum but I couldn't reached her.. then, I tried calling my brother.. ok.. finally! she was busy helping my grandfather eating his breakfast - and that's why she couldn't hear the phone ringing.. I was calling to tell her that I'm going out to One Utama.. having fun..

One of my so-called weakness is that, I don't really like putting my hand phones in my pocket..*feared that someone might pick it - yang saya tidak sedar kunu*.. I prefer to put them in the bag I'm carrying and since I'm a little bit of another so - called- 'bosukan' ( x dengar).. so.. I barely hear any phone ringing or a message coming tone.. (duh! what a pity)..

It was about 11 something in the morning.. and I was on the bus stop with my friends waiting for the bus.. I checked my phone and saw like tons of missed call from my brother and mummy.. (both phones).. I called back and asked why.. what's the matter.. 

I was shocked upon hearing the news that my grandfather passed away on that very moment..a total shocked.. because early in the morning he was eating his breakfast.. saya jadi bingung + confuse  sebentar.. seriously, I was blank.. and I felt extremely sleepy all of the sudden.. ( this what happens when I feel sad/bad mood )

After a state of blank for few hours, thank God I managed to buy airplane tickets on the very same day.. I reached home around 10 that night.. got so many people gathering at home already..

As I saw my grandfather's face, it feels like he was just sleeping.. his face was so calm.. instead, he was like smiling.. * he used to have some difficulty sleeping before this as he had respiratory problem*.. maybe he's prepared for this..

The funeral was on Saturday,. it was raining heavily.. *it feels like the sky was mourning too*.. then, it was time for us, all the children and his grandchildren to pay him the last respect..

I admit , I don't really have a close relationship with him.. but when it comes to this.. I still feel the impact.. but anyhow, I'm glad that I did and able to take care of him although it was not much when he was sick..

 * Dear Lord, I pray that may his soul rest in peace.Forgive all the sins that he made, as we forgive him.. may we the family members that he left behind, be given the strength and courage to live our days without him. Amen*


  1. Amen to that. condolence to u winn :(. be strong.

  2. for the very least, your grandfather passed away, knowing that he has a wonderful family, and he was not in a state of misery. May God bless his soul, and your family. Take care, my dear.