Monday, February 28, 2011

my dear magic clown didn't work! =(

clown = badut.

anyone who reads this, i hope u didn't have a coulrophobia aka fear of  clown.

my dear friends, have you ever have a good look on a clown? perhaps a close one.. 

i'm 201% sure that you have never did one!... well, long story short.. rarely, we see a clown showing their real faces, i mean the expression and of course the attitudes when they are already in their most attractive and yet colorful attire when they are entertaining the audience..

the clown's face is 'fully- occupied' with make-ups and attractive color that makes them look funnier and happier.

okeh! kc clear minda dan pikiran kalian.. ambil masa sejenak untuk berfikir.. 

what lies beneath the colorful and attractive make-ups that the clown has on their face???
aaahh.. should be great if what lies beneath is the same with what is being shown.. but then.. what if.. it turns the other way round?? it must have been hell for the mr.clown to put such an act just to entertain other people ; ignoring the pain  he felt inside.. duh! so sad~!

after a few incidents, i found out that i am a clown myself.. pretending to be happy on the outside but feels like hell on the inside.. i used to keep all those unhappy thoughts of mine to myself.. and yah! it's exhausting actually.. but still, being a clown is good actually.. you'll learn to think positive, makes yourself much stronger to face the world each day and you'll be expert in handling your personal life not to be mixed with the other stuff going on..

this clown thing was one of my expertise actually but recently... my magic clown didn't work.. OMG!.. i' ve been through the most hardest and horrible week last week and i'm extremely grateful especially to  God that i managed to survive those hell of a week..

let me put it in a most easy way so that you guys can understand why my magic clown didn't work well this time ..

1- suddenly, my 3 years plus2 lappy rosak.. i sent her for repair which i need to pay for about rm350 just to know that actually, there's nothing can be done.. cam total permanent damage pla.. huhu*.. mestilah sy rs stress gila.. suda la time posting yg mmg sgt memerlukan lappy.. thanx God sy ada kwn2 yg sgt baik hati dan sudi meminjamkn sy lappy mrk.. dan terima kasih family  d sabah yg sudi tlg kc kirim notebook kpd sy d cni..

2- since sy mmg nervous psl ni posting.. kn tmbh2 lgi psl tu lappy.. sy pn demam terpendam..yg badan panas, sakit2 joint suma.. pening2, xda selera mkn.. rasa noxious almost all the time.. naik lg bintik2 merah  di badan that  i thought i was having a denggi fever..palis2.. thx God.. sy x ada tu barang.. nsb baik yg ari 3 or 4 sy sihat sda.. tp selera mkn mc bidah la..

3- stress and susa ati sbb smpi ari khamis blum dpt case stdy.. sbb dalam pikiran mesti mo amik kes baru.. skali lepas jpa supervisor and she explained everything.. sy rs sy sgt lembab and bikin panas sbb sy sda buang masa selama 3 hari sedangkan dlm masa 3 hari tu sda byk case2 yg menarik yg sy kc lepas bgt shj.. nsb ari 5 tu.. dtg lg tu patient.smpt la sy bt mn2 yg ptt..

4- risau sbb duit scholarship semakin kurang gara2 buat lappy yg xda hasil pn.. tp mc lg mo berbelanja x mengira limit.. cthnya pigi tgk terima kasih cinta d istana budaya sma pigi diner d kajang.. tp lepas pigi ni event dua2, sy tidak menyesal pn buang duit sbb both this event mmg worth it la..

5- ds week, sy kn posting cni main dept.. which specialize in burn and surgical cases yg memerlukan kebolehan menjahit menggunakan mesin jahit.. ni pn bt sy stress n takut jg sbb sy sgt lemah dlm skill ini.. tp sy cuba utk berfiiran +ve n Thanx God,.. sy sda berjaya melalui satu hari d situ dgn baik wpn byk adegan blur2 sy yg dipamerkan sbb sy lowong2 satu org ja kna d sna ds week..

6- sy mesti kn kc siap slide presentation sy by this week sbb dis wikend sy pigi johor utk berbuat amal..ahah! x la.. utk subjek HM.. sbb next wik dia presentation sda.. jd msti mo kc siap awl skit sbb mo kc tgk supervisor lg.. bru la ready2 mo kna timbak time exact day mo present kn..

okeh!cukup untuk entri kali ini..
* my dear course mate, chaiyo2!*


  1. my dear winnie, chaiyo2! sure had them hard, but I really wish that you'll get through everything. God will help you my dear :)

  2. Plus, I don't like clown. Almost like I am afraid of them, but too proud to admit it. Haha.

    There was a story I've watched while I was younger about a murderer clown. Can't really forget about that.

  3. thx for the support my dear friend.. hehe^^