Sunday, February 13, 2011

singing my heart out. ^^

Life has been amazingly great so far.. ^^ (* Thank you, dear Lord!*) 

Less than a week, I'll begin another episode of clinical posting, as one of the most crucial component being an occupational therapy student.This time, I'll be doing a  second round of  OT in orthopedic and surgery (3 weeks) and exposure to OT pediatrics (2 weeks).I'm glad that this time I got HKL..  (jalan kaki seja I .. yuuu!~) 

As usual, I need to prepare myself for this upcoming posting with all the related knowledge.. *tau2 seja la.. otak sda sgt berkarat,. nnt bikin malu saja klu pgg goniometer pn tebalik.. hesh2~*.. previously, I've mentioned that I had allocated the holidays time for my revision season but another thing come up.. so, what to do.. =(.. but, no worries.. there are still  a few more days left..  I guess, I have to burn midnight oil just to finish all those chapters then.. (*burn midnight oil?? erk~!? I guess.. I won't be able to do that as I've been sleeping most of the time recently -still have no idea what is the main reasons behind those sleepy head of mine.. huh!*)

*chaiyo2 winnie!~*

Oh! I almost forgot.. SAYA LULUS DROP-OFF!!.. OMG!.. sukar untuk dipercayai.. all the practices I 've made has been worth it.. (* Thanks once again, dear Lord!*).. Just my luck.. the route that I had during this drop-off test, is the one that I used to practice.. but nevertheless, I tried to be alert all the time and used all the other senses to detect where have they dropped me.. (Drop Off : you'll be blind-folded and dropped somewhere. Then, you need to find the way back to the objective given.)

*Moral of the story is, appreciate your senses. Don't take them for granted.*

We've been learning this new assessment for peads..Test of Handwriting Skills (THS).. It was fun.. I really enjoyed it.. It inspired me to do my thesis on this particular area for next year.. huh! will I be able to do that??.. I hope so.. I begin to show some interest in peads area.. I really hope that my so - called -excitements will not be ruined once I entered the real world of OT peads.. *Amen*..

oh! it's  the 13th of February today.. and tomorrow will be 14th of February..  this will be the second year I'm  officially SINGLE during this Valentine's Day.. but, being single on Valentine's  Day, totally not a big concern to be worried about.. In my opinion, it is not a day that you have to be specifically celebrating them with your special bf or gf.. but actually, you can celebrate them with anyone you want to.. be it your family or you friends.. they are still your loved ones, right??.. so, for the single ladies out there.. and of course for the men, spare your tears, sadness and loneliness on this wonderful day..  go find some more interesting things to do out there.. plus, it's a public holiday the next day.. so.. come on!!.. let us all sing our heart out.! (*mentang2 la bru ja pigi ber K-Box td kn.. hmm!~*)

But then, deep inside,, there were days that I missed being the gf of somebody and having bf next to me..but, past is past and those were stories and pictures that needs to be deleted from my memory frame.. 
*Good job, Winnie!!*

*Dear Lord, I pray that each and everyone of us will be given our special blessings on this Valentine's Day. May we find love, peace and hope that we have been searching for and that we do not misuse nor misunderstood the real meaning of this Valentine's Day. Amen *

Have a wonderful day everyone!~


  1. I'm happy for you winn :) God is there with you, all the time :)

  2. yeah! I know He is.. praise the Lord!! =)