Monday, March 5, 2018

What's next??

The other day, I was having my late lunch with mom and le bro. So, we were chit chatting over ngau chap ( eheheh yummy!) and of course wedding topic is a must.

So, le bro was asking me..
" apa la jadi lepas ko kawin??"

Didn't take long for me to answer him..
" saya x tau oh. X sure."

Mom didn't want to be left behind, was responding with..
" dia beranaklah"

Le bro was like, " ko pikir semua orang begitu ka? "

Mom was stunned for a while. Poor mom.

Recently, I saw  FB post from Dr Imelda Bachin. She's the O & G specialist. She shared her experience of a couple who was trying hard to conceive, tried every possible way as they have been wanting a child for so long and of course, the surrounding that has been so 'caring' by frequently asking - " bila nak dapat anak?"
Long story short, the couple did have a baby but the mother died shortly after the delivery due to complications.

Back to me. I  would like to have my own children someday; would be great then if I get pregnant after the wedding. Hehe.

But, that is something that I'm not sure of.

As for now, it feels like - I can just play dumb with the society's expectation. Hopefully when the time comes, I'll act the same.

So, two things here :

Firstly, being the society.  I believe it is within the Asian culture, asking these type of questions (if you know what I mean). Starting today, why not ask other question. Or, don't ask anything at all if you're clueless. Now that when I meet up with old friends, I tried not to come up with sensitive questions.

Secondly, being the person who's being asked. Not mentioning the married couple only, because I was asked "bila mo kawin"? back then. The same category of question. Let's try to ignore them and live life as happier as we can be.

Life's achievement is not measured by your marital status, how many children you have or how many property you own.

So, what's next ? I'll just follow the flow then!

Trust in the Lord. Amen

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