Thursday, March 1, 2018

March, March and March!

2 chapters over for 2018.  Way too fast, aite?

So.. what have we done, I mean specifically me for the past 2 months? And especially now, it's Lent season.

For wedding part, ya. Few important things were settled.

For myself, still a bit loss. Like,should I try job hunting again or readapt myself with the current situation. Or maybe should I go something out of my comfort zone. Phew. God, it is hard being an adult.

Last year, I was hoping and expecting that this 2018 would bring me something new. But, after my tiring interview last month - I somehow gave up.

But, worry not. March has just march in. So, let's just enjoy today and the rest of the month!

Have a blessed March people!

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