Thursday, December 14, 2017

Throwback #2

Facebook memories 6 years ago
Another memories pop up from Facebook.

2011 - senior years in UKM. I was busy with clinical postings, case studies and presentations, thesis writing. A lot to deal with back then. Mimang stress gila ni musim. Phew

I did share about it here. Hehe

It feels funny to read back what I've shared on that time.  I was like, "Astaga! Begini ka pula saya dulu?", " Saya ka yang tulis ni?"

A bit childish, I would say. Haha. But, yeah. That was me and I now agree to the statement that people do change. Positive and better change lah kan.

I mentioned about a Dr in that inside story and guess what? We are working in the same place now. Haha. What a small world! That Dr remembers me. He refers patient to us, Rehab Team.

Ok,enough with that.

Main point is,  nothing is impossible when you believe in God. I'm not simply saying this but I've experienced it myself. Hold on to Him even when it feels like a dead end. Have faith.

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